Lahore Karahi Restaurant San Francisco

Lahore Karahi Restaurant San Francisco this is a sweet symphony of flavors and smells that cuts through the typical scent of tenderloin. from the fluffiest naan to the piping hot curries that will take your palette on a joyride. i came here for the first time two years ago (my Airbnb is right above it) and had to try the lamb vindaloo it made me cry, worth it. this time around, i ventured out to a veggie korma. it was steaming hot and the rice held it ever so gently. it’s my fave spot in town! i seriously cannot get enough of this place.

  • Name :  Lahore Karahi Restaurant San Francisco
  • Worktime :12–10PM
  • Type :Pakistani restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $
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Lahore Karahi Restaurant Address :

612 O’Farrell St, San Francisco

Lahore Karahi Restaurant number :


 Lahore Karahi Restaurant San Francisco

Best seller :

Best meal we had in SF!! Our Chicken was smooth and the mango lassi was as perfect as the garlic naan. Cosy atmosphere and friendly staff. The chef was honestly interested if we liked his food, very sympatico. A culinary isle of happiness.

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

We tried their Chicken biryani.
It had plenty of boneless pieces , and a good amount of rice . We asked for mild spice – and it was perfectly flavored.
Quick service .

comment 2 :

The place is small & not fancy but the food was excellent! We had chicken tikka masala, chicken biryani & vegi pakora. All the dishes were delicious and freshly made, the server was very friendly.

comment 3 :

I loved this place. The owner is Friendly and kind
I usually order to go, and enjoy eating at my work place or in my car. My order often is tikka talks mesla with white rice and naan

Comment 4 :

South Indian here: I ordered the Tandoori Chicken and Mutton Biryani, and both were incredible, with a minor complaint was that the biryani was a bit dry.

Regardless, It’s hard to find Indian/Pakistani food in the city that doesn’t taste watered down, so I’m definitely ordering from this place again.

Lahore Karahi Restaurant

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