Lawrences Fish & Shrimp restaurant Chicago 2024 Beautiful restaurant

Lawrences Fish & Shrimp: A Chicago Seafood Tradition

Lawrences Fish & Shrimp restaurant A Chicago legend! One of my favorite places to eat in the city. Always miss it when I haven’t eaten there in a while

Lawrences Fish & Shrimp restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Lawrences Fish & Shrimp restaurant phone number: +13122252113

Lawrences Fish & Shrimp restaurant

Everything at Lawrence fish& shrimp was good the shrimp was served nice and hot and the tables and area were very cleanExcellent meal. Great deal. Love fried catfish with cornmeal. The shrimp were great. They did take a while on our order because apparently didn’t drop the catfish and also means our shrimp was waiting and got a bit cold. Also stood at the counter way too long without being noticed (asking for condiments). Not the best cocktail sauce ever (my opinion). The fries were awesome.
Highly recommend. Great option and doesn’t break the bank where many spots are very pricey in Chicago/downtown. The store is great. Love the outdoor seating area (though it was too cold the day I went).

Menu Lawrences Fish & Shrimp restaurant

Lawrences Fish & Shrimp restaurant Chicago menu


This was a pleasant surprise. Great food and the staff was a pleasure to work with. I definitely
recommend this place. I really liked the outdoor seating.
Reminded me of the 1960s when we would get fish or scallops from the fish shacks by the lake and rivers. All gone now but Lawrence’s is as close as one can get today. Still use the wax paper lined bags we’d put in our jackets to keep us warm when waiting for the bus. Miss some things from the old days but am happily immersed in the digital age.
Love this place. Been going there since I was a little kid. A bit on the pricey side but we’ll worth it for me. I moved to Joliet and I still take that drive if I want good fish chips, shrimp, calamari or scallops. I love their breading so keeps me going. And their hot sauce is really good. Frog legs are really good too. Will continue to go there for as long as I live.
Love their breaded shrimp has a sweet flavor. Employees are welcoming. Place is clean . They remodeled it from outside its now convenient with access for people that are on wheel chairs.
At the time I went which was 11:00 AM. I was surprised, no one was in there. I was in and out. The food as usual was delicious.
I needed some good, hearty food so I stopped in. I ordered the smaller sizes of Pearch and separately Scallops. Delicious. I’d say this restaurant ranks amongst the best of those which are it’s competitors. The staff got my order out in a timely fashion, my oder was well prepared, I have no complaints. I will return.

This place is truly a Chicago staple and an iconic place when it comes to late night food. I have been coming here since I was a kid with my parents and now being able to take my kids here is super special. The fish and chips are probably the best bang for your buck on the menu. The shrimp of course is always good but a little pricey compared to the other menu items. My kids favorites are the clam strips.

Their hot sauce is unique and full of flavor. I’m surprised that their other locations never did that well. Absolutely amazing. I am so happy I got introduced to this before they took all the sandwiches. Beautiful environment. Great staff. Amazing food. I went to the one on Canal and its not the same. I also now love Corn Fritters

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