Maddox Ranch House Inc Utah 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Savor the Legacy of Maddox Ranch"

Maddox Ranch House Inc Utah Old-school steakhouse serving signature skinless fried chicken, bison & seafood in a rustic setting.

Maddox Ranch House Inc Utah

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6 
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  • Maddox Ranch House Inc Utah phone number:  +14357238545

Maddox Ranch House Inc

Steak was great. I asked for medium rare and I got a perfect medium rare. Ya know when you eat a side and are taken back cause they surprisingly good? That’s how the steamed veggies, biscuits cornpone were. I was blown away. My group also really enjoyed the chicken fried bison, fried chicken, shrimp, burger, and chicken fried steak. I heard wonderful things about the pies. No, really they talked a lot about how good the pies were! The raspberry butter was delicious!

Maddox Ranch House Inc Utah MenuMaddox Ranch House Inc MenuMenu Maddox Ranch House Inc Utah

Maddox Ranch House Inc is a place we visit every so often on our way back from Logan. It is by the mouth of the canyon and has a variety of menu items. Food is good but has some oddities. The rolls and corn bread with the raspberry butter is awesome.

The salad with the raspberry vinaigrette is very good and my wife’s favorite. The bison burger is very basic and condiments were lacking. Get the fries as they were good as a side. The seafood medley is not worth it as it costs a dollar a shrimp to be added to the odd fake crab. The cocktail sauce is very good though. The chicken is good but a little dry this time but has a nice light breading. Overall staff is friendly and worth trying at least once.

Great place for great steak!

Service was amazing! Bekah was perfect. Kind, attentive and fast. She filled our drinks before we knew we were out! Handled some picky people.

Ok. Now as to why I gave atmosphere a 4. It was loud, very loud. I couldn’t hear the server or most of my group. BUT they were busy and the other groups were loud. I think that’s just how this place is, loud.

I had the most delightful experience today and special kudos to our Server McKenzie! Who made my lunch date with my wife extra special! You see my wife got their famous fried chicken and I just really wanted a steak sandwich, but did not see one on the menu, so I ask McKenzie if they had one, but she told me that they only do those in the drive through side.

So I said I guess I would just have a New York steak and to bring a lot of rolls. She did one better, she brought me a toasted bun, with some cheese and mayo so I could build my own, and build it I did. She took such good care of us and made sure I got what I wanted, without breaking restaurant rules (which I completely understand) even though it was not on the menu.

The medium rare New York was cooked to perfection, my wife’s fried chicken was tender and succulent, the clam chowder was next level delicious (made in house) and the rolls and corn bread with raspberry butter was the cherry on the cake that started this lunch train rolling!

Great family dining place with lots of different options. We had a group of 5 people with no reservation. We were seated within 10 minutes of us all getting there. The steaks were good. The fried chicken is also recommended. The rolls with the raspberry butter are also highly recommended!

They also have great tasting water (not sure if it was well water or just filtered water) which my family appreciated. I think this helps all the rest of the food they make taste better.

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