Magoo’s California Pizza Restaurant Indiana 2024 Beautiful Restaurant

"Magoo's California Pizza: Bringing West Coast Flavors to Indiana"

Magoo’s California Pizza Restaurant Indiana Very good food and service. Would 100% recommend as they always ensure quality and fast prep times

Magoo’s California Pizza Restaurant Indiana

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
  • pricing: $$
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  • Magoo’s California Pizza Restaurant Indiana phone number: +13172934411

Magoo's California Pizza Restaurant Indiana

Loved the chicken Tikka pizza spicy! The jalapeno was cut up instead of whole, which we loved! The sauce is a garlic sauce and it and the crust were oh so good! Definitely returning and trying the kabob pizza as well! I definitely recommend!!!!!! The ranch sauce and jalapeno cheese bread were delicious as well!

Magoo's California Pizza Restaurant Indiana menu

This is my daughter and myself second time coming to this establishment and the same person who waited on us this time last year is the same one today. He was kind, gave suggestions and has become apart of our tradition. Thanksgiving isn’t something we celebrate with a house full it’s been just me and my daughter so we make this day what WE want! Thanks for being apart Muhammad and the Magoo pizza family! The food is AMAZING!

Anyone who tells you to get pizza somewhere else is wrong and depriving you of what you deserve. The owners are the kindest people in the city and they employ a lot of great people. No matter what pie you get, don’t mess around by NOT getting garlic sauce. Nothing against st the red sauce, but you’ll be full of regrets passing on the garlic! Best pizza in the city.

Stop what you’re doing (unless it’s Monday) and go right now! I have to say, pizza is one of my all-time favorite meals. The dough was thick and the toppings were absolutely delicious, the cheese was rich and flavorful and the sauce was the perfect balance of tangy and sweet.

The meat was fresh and delicious. The atmosphere was great and it definitely seemed like a true HALAL experience, with the family running the pizza shop welcoming everyone in with a smile. Good parking area and sitting area. I highly recommend it if you ever visit!

Very tasty halal pizza with a huge selection of toppings. Each pizza is made to order and will take some time if you’re eating in store. The staff is friendly and really care about each customer that comes through the door. The wings weren’t the greatest but everything else was delicious.

I first tried a mini cheese pizza + chicken as extra topping. It was good, and seemed a good way to get a lot of pizza for the price, although maybe a bit bland. Second time, I ordered a Chappli Kabob mini personal pizza. This was better, but I wanted some spicy heat, for which I used the hot pepper seed shakers on the tables. If you can’t figure out what “magzone” is on the menu, it’s calzone, because I asked. The building is nice enough, and somewhat interesting in its mixed cultural influences. All pizza here should be halal.

Zabiha halal pizza! My first experience with halal pizza and the meat was so fresh and juicy! Very friendly and fast service and I enjoyed meat lover pizza, kebab pizza with spicy tomato sauce and chicken tikka pizza. All sauces were perfectly seasoned and authentic. My husband’s pick was beef sandwich. Their brownie is fantastic too. I felt very welcomed and I look forward to going back!


Absolute favorite pizza!!! No pork products. Fresh ingredients! Best homemade ranch! Great customer service! I never can get a pic cos i literally eat it on the way home lol

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