MAINPORT FISH and CHIPS Restaurant Connecticut 2024 Delicious Restaurant

"Taste the Flavors of England at MAINPORT FISH and CHIPS in Connecticut"

MAINPORT FISH and CHIPS Restaurant Connecticut This place is the best place ever there food taste amazingly good this is such a good place the service is amazing and the people that own the restaurant are very nice people and the halal food is great

MAINPORT FISH and CHIPS Restaurant Connecticut

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.2
  • pricing: $
  • Menu: click Here
  • MAINPORT FISH and CHIPS Restaurant Connecticut phone number:+12033310620


I love it and the fish and chips and the chicken is so good. Very clean place and the workers are so nice. The bananna pudding is good and the other side dishes are tasty too. Go there and enjoy! Good late night food especially when you’re a bit tipsy. Just wish the boneless hot wings were real chicken and not the nugget paste. Owner/guy behind the counter was great though. Very nice.

MAINPORT FISH and CHIPS Restaurant Connecticut MenuMAINPORT FISH and CHIPS Restaurant MenuMenu MAINPORT FISH and CHIPS Restaurant ConnecticutMenu MAINPORT FISH and CHIPS Restaurant

between 1989 and 2010 I used to eat Fish sammiches from Mainport once a week over the course of Time there were a couple of Goof ups, cook my fish put it on a roll Close the tray, Include the tartar or lemons hold everything else when I get to where I will eat it I can reheat it and add the Tartar (which should be chill) and I am Good 2 go …

I’m Glad I still live near enough to opt for some on occasion… I also find it funny a latin guy was scared he might get robbed I seriously IN Bridgeport? come onn more Likely to get robbed in New Haven or South Norwalk If your in the city or Outside the city You can get robbed Situational awareness at all times !!!

Best fish & chips I’ve had at a place that’s considered fast food. The pieces of fish are a good size & are perfectly fried. The meals give enough fries and you get lemon and tartar sauce. The fries are just as delicious as the fish. I can split a meal with someone most of the time.

Highly recommend Mainport! My friend put me on to their fish. I was not around to smell it, just watched him eat it via video and I had to have some. I went lastnight after Church and purchased the two piece Whiting, needless to say, it was delicious!! It was crispy, seasoned well (but not too heavy), fresh and hot, and the pieces were a good size!! It was worth every bit of the $6 I spent. My co-workers were talking about their Halal food, I will try that next. The guy who works there is very personable and makes sure you are satisfied with your purchase! I recommend this place!!

Employees were great, seemed like a clean place. Chicken is great fresh, but did get a little dry when it got cold (like most fried chicken from anywhere) Had the whiting fish and fries and the three pieces of fish were huge and very well seasoned. The fries were ok but the fish was off the hook good.

They’re great since after the pandemic. No stores other than McDonald’s are open really late. In most cases, they’re open till 3 in the morning. So if you happen to be a second shift worker, you can get some food.

This food is delicious and the portion size is nice. Ordered two fish meals (one with clam strips), a cheeseburger meal, 5 piece chicken tender meal, and an order of onion rings for just under $53. The food does not taste like it was over …


My go to 100% Top notch fish n chips in Connecticut. Consistently fresh tasty and smells like chicken at the most affordable prices. I recommend this spot to everyone

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