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"Taste the Tradition: Mamnoon's Authentic Levantine Dishes"

Mamnoon Restaurant I found out this place is selling halal meat and chicken and I just couldn’t stop my self from ordering. The food and staff services was really good and friendly. The prices are not too bad considering they are in the capital hill. Give them a try when you are nearby.

Mamnoon Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Mamnoon Restaurant phone number: +12069069606


I didn’t expect the level of flavor I discovered at Mamnoon. I stopped in for some shawarma–that was my idea at least, and ended up ordering the tasting menu for $65/seat for me and my dad. Couldn’t have picked a better item. It was new, flavorful, inventive, and the portions were great. I wish I photographed everything that came our way, but I was just enamored as the plates kept coming with wonderful creations.

The portions were exactly perfect to satisfy two hungry diners. Our service was attentive, waitstaff knowledgeable, not pushy, very kind, and knew what plates to take and when and which libations to recommend. I wish the atmosphere had the same energy as the food.

The food is not collar-and-tie (not a dig), but its respectful and serious. The interior design sort of dazed me, the lighting was strange, and the music was slightly unsavory. The atmosphere said ‘dance club’, and the food was reciting poetry, so to speak

Mamnoon Restaurant MenuMamnoon MenuMenu Mamnoon RestaurantMenu Mamnoon

This is on my list of top 3 favorite restaurants in Seattle. The food is so thoughtfully and well prepared, including presentation. Each dish is creative but not overly done. I usually get the dish with chicken, but their lamb dishes are top notch so I’ll get that too when my eating partner likes lamb. I almost all aways get the soup, hummus and frites before the main course. All are delicious and well seasoned.

I I try to come here as often as I can afford and bring people that appreciate good food. I also like the atmosphere, the staff is helpful without being overbearing. It’s not extremely expensive for Seattle prices but it’s not cheap.

I can easily spend $100-150 for two people, without ordering any cocktails. This place is for people that appreciate good food in a place with a chill vibe; if you get off on mediocre food just because it’s cheap and grotesquely jumbo sized, then this place probably isn’t for you.

Likely one of my favourite restaurants in Seattle and I don’t even fully understand what middle eastern food really consists of. But the food here is absolutely amazing and the service cannot be beat either. We received a complimentary dish because their kitchen was very busy and took a while to have our appetizers done, I found that to be very thoughtful. All the food was the best combination of flavours and I was honestly so impressed by how good everything tasted. My favourite is their scallop dish, absolutely mind blowing. I will definitely come back to this place.

I loved this place, the food was absolutely delicious and super flavorful. While on the more expensive end for average people like me, this restaurant is honestly so underrated. Serving sizes are good and the dimmed lights set a romantic ambience. I will be back. Everything was cooked perfectly and so flavorful! Service was so friendly, and everyone was lovely. I also loved the selection of Lebanese wines, and the sparkling wine we chose was delicious.

The pita bread and dips—babba and hummus were really good. I especially loved the neediness of the pita. Usually the pitas you get can be dry but theirs are moist and delicious! I got the grilled chicken and I think at first it was undercooked as it looked pinker and tasted chewier then I usually like my chicken. But after telling my waiter they offered to put it back on the grill and after that it was all good. The cauliflower was crispy and soaked in the sauces


This food was so flavorful. Everything was so different from anything I’ve had. Very much enjoyed trying the different dishes and drinks.

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