Maxwell Street Depot restaurant Chicago 2024 Delicious food

Maxwell Street Depot: Where History is Served with a Side of Flavor

Maxwell Street Depot restaurant Great safe place to eat and Great food. Better than any in the area

Maxwell Street Depot restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $
  • Menu: click Here
  • Maxwell Street Depot restaurant phone number:  +13123263514

Maxwell Street Depot restaurant

It’s not the Original Jim’s Maxwell but close enough. The beef hot dogs and polish sausages are not Vienna, but Bobaks brand which are still all beef. It’s been there for years and go to spot if you don’t want to take the drive to Union St
Cash only, open 24/7, and the finest polish sausage in the city. This Maxwell street saves lives. Fries are mediocre but the sandwiches are fire every time. Get the onions on your order oh my god they have been cooking forever and are so damn good. On site ATM and big parking lot but they prefer if you get your food and hit the bricks- no loitering! Most stuff is like $6, make sure to tip the guys!

Menu Maxwell Street Depot restaurant

Maxwell Street Depot restaurant menu


I absolutely loved this place!!! I literally could’ve eaten here every meal for the entire 5 days I spent in this area!!! Absolutely the BEST hot dogs in the world, and I am a hot dog enthusiast, and I was so impressed with this place and how amazing the food is!!! They are the experts and masters of what they do and how they do it, and it’s all so incredibly reasonable on the prices, I was just shocked, and it’s my favorite place to eat in Chicago!!!
They are just as great as I remember them to be years ago. Everything tastes exactly the same I was very happy with my experience
Stopped here before a white Sox game. Got the polish. Super good. Comes with fries for $5. Better than the ballpark! Cash only. Only “negative ” is they give you so many grilled onions the bun can get soggy. But still delicious!
When you come to Chicago you gotta try out Maxwell street. Been coming here since I was a lil kid. The one off the 55 don’t even bother make sure and come to this one
Delicious pork chops. The caramelized onions are very well done. Overall nice place to get reasonably priced food. Also, I love how fries are included in the price!

Still a great place for a Maxwell Street polish with lots of grilled onions. I personally love the double cheese burgers and fries. My burger is made with ketchup and mustard. I can’t handle the onions. My best friend loves the boneless pork chop sandwiches. Sandwiches because she always gets two. There’s no sitting or standing around. Take your order and sit in the car to eat like everyone else in the parking lot. The prices have gone up but what hasn’t. It’s still a good price and will fill you up.

The food here cannot be matched anywhere else. There have been a few times my order was made wrong, but it still tasted good. I’m a hamburger girl and they keep making cheeseburgers. Not a huge thing, but an annoying detail.

The chefs at this exquisite dining establishment are a wonder of amazement. The way in which they drop the fries into the wondrous vat of magical oils is a sight to be seen.. onions dancing across the skillet are a one of a kind sight to behold.. The peppers are Michelin quality and the buns are a treasure trove of mystical flavors.. Bring the kids

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