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MCCB Chicago One of our favorite places for traditional Chinese life seafood including sauerkraut fish and other roasted fish served with assorted toppings from extremely spicy to tangy and fresh.  My favorite side dish is definitely their pork oil noodles – lol super satisfying (no actual meat)

Name: MCCB Chicago

Type: Chinese restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer:  nothing

work Time:12:00-10:00 pm

Official website:click here

Location : click here

Address MCCB Chicago

S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60616،United States

Phone number MCCB Chicago


MCCB Chicago restaurant


Food is plentiful and flavorful with a good amount of spice! What more could you ask for? A great variety? Check. Excellent service? Check. This place covers all the bases

Recommended foods

Great authentic Szechuan food with a wide variety of options. Attached photos are Cheng DU spicy wonton, Fish filet with sichwan peppercorns sauce, Mei Zhou Short Ribs, Dry chilli chicken

Menu MCCB Chicago

menu MCCB ChicagoMCCB Chicago menu

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

Modern Chinese Cookbook [MCCB] creates magical dishes that will instantly take you to Beijing. Friendly staff, Michelin-starred chefs and carefully designed appetizers. Here are all the ingredients for a wonderful gastronomic experience. And praise continues to flow year by year. If only we could embrace the owners for fabricating such a contagious and genuine atmosphere, we would do it. Congratulations to Chinatown of Chicago for maintaining culture in motion during a depressed and demanding period

Review to

One of my most favorite places for Sichuan in the city. They are consistently delicious and it’s almost impossible to not over order. The dry hotpot is always good…as is the wet hotpot. The dry spiced soft tofu is delicious. service is pretty good…but for me, it’s all about the food

Review three

First Chinese Restaurant I have ever liked. It’s clean, beautifully decorated, neat, smells good, and even has real plants and flowers. I felt extremely proud of myself for choosing to dine here

Our dish Special Grilled Whole Fish was perfect. The skin of the fish was yummy. The fish itself was amazingly well cooked. vegetables were delicious. I don’t know what else to add. Give me any nice adjective and it will fit the description of the dish

The service was great too. Our waiter was attentive and caring. He was ready to help any time Overall, I’m happy that I finally found a Chinese place that I like. Will definitely come back

Review four

We wanted to try something new in China town and saw they they had a spicy calamari on the menu. Needless to say it was delicious and well cooked. Ordered the combination fried rice and the spicy lo menu and it was delicious. Service was great as well. Definitely recommend

Chinese restaurant

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