Moh Moh Licious Restaurant Washington DC

Moh Moh Licious Restaurant Washington DC incredible place . food is of outstanding and fresh quality . refreshing drinks like mango lassi . so glad to find this gem in my neighborhood!

  • Name : Laliguras Glover Park Restaurant
  • Worktime : ,11:00AM-2:30PM, 5:00-11:00PM
  • Type :  Nepalese food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $
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Moh Moh Licious Restaurant Washington DC Address :

7414 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20012،

Moh Moh Licious Restaurant Washington DC Phone number :


Best seller :

Butter chicken
goat curry
rice and dal
Mixed vegetarian pakora

Moh Moh Licious Restaurant Menu :

Moh Moh Licious Restaurant Menu

Moh Moh Licious Restaurant Menu

Moh Moh Licious Restaurant Menu

Moh Moh Licious Restaurant Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

I adore dumplings and everything I tried here was so incredibly delicious. Prices are also really good for what you get. The sauces are also so good and add to the dumpling’s flavors without overpowering the delicious meatiness. The staff are always so kind and always have my food ready when promised. It’s neatly and ergonomically packed to ensure safe transport home.

comment 2:

Delicious chai kept me perky for a 4 hour drive. The hot and sour soup was good too, the veggies and seasonings were a fragrant change of pace from the neighboring takeout joints. I’m glad I tried it, I’ll be back for more!
Eh, I was not super impressed. My husband liked it. I have had outstanding goat curry and theirs still tasted like curry powder like it had not fully been portioned out.

comment 3 :

Great food and really good prices. I especially recommend the dumplings (momo). Just be aware that a lot of their stuff is authentic, so it’s actually spicy. Tell them to make it mild if you can’t handle spice.
Amazingly delicious! Probably the best food I’ve eaten in the last few months. We tried a mix of all the Momo dumplings in the red sauce (sorry, I forget the name of the sauce). The dumplings themselves were delicious and paired with the sauce was like nothing I’ve had before. We then tried the beef chow mein and I loved the curry flavors that blended with Chinese flavors you usually expect with chow mein. Lastly we had the goat curry. Flavors were so good. We ordered take out and 30 min later, when we started eating the food was still piping hot. Impressive. All of this was topped off with a frozen blended chai tea. Yum!

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