Mr Greek Gyros restaurant 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"A Taste of Greece: Mr. Greek Gyros"

Mr Greek Gyros restaurant Great place for a quick cheap bite. They have lots of combos to choose from and they all good. The place has a lot of tables to sit and is pretty clean. The service is extremely fast so is great choice if you are in a rush

Mr Greek Gyros restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.2
  • pricing: $$
  • Mr Greek Gyros restaurant phone number: +13129068731

Mr Greek Gyros

The food was just OK. If you like average food in huge quantities for a decent price, then this is the place for you. However, there are plenty of better places if you pay just a bit more that have better food in Greektown. Each meal is probably enough to feed two people

Menu Mr Greek Gyros restaurant

Mr Greek Gyros restaurant menuMr Greek Gyros restaurant menu


I ordered a gyro chicken salad. But he thought I said gyro chicken sandwich. Even though I got it by mistake the chicken gyro was excellent. This place is so delicious, everything on the menu is great, you can’t go wrong. I would of scored it a 5 but the only reason why I didn’t is because the cheapest meal is $12. They definitely give you your money worth as far as portions but I still think it could be just a little cheaper. I would highly recommend this place and I will definitely be coming back

Awesome place. If you have a night out in downtown, want good food and not expensive with good portion size give this place a try My go to meal here is the philly Gyro combo with the chocolate moose cake, so good Give it a try you never know if this might be your new favorite place

Delicious gyro! In honor of my first time in Greektown, this was a great introduction to the neighborhood. The gyro was so flavorful and the tomato, tzatziki, and onions really tied it together. The price for the combo was extremely affordable especially because it came with fries and a drink AND the pita was stuffed with gyro. The only reason my review is a 4/5 is because the inside of the restaurant is lack luster and the bathroom was a disaster BUT I didn’t mind much because the gyro overshadowed all of it. I would recommend trying a gyro at Mr Greek Gyros for a casual visit to Greektown.

Pretty good place to get a fast decent gyros to go. The classic and chicken were both good. Go ahead and get it as a meal, the drink and fries are only a dollar extra There were two friends that were with me that really wanted to try the chicken gyros in the Greek part of town made by Greek people so they loved it and enjoy themselves and that’s all that matter to me I’m from Chicago and had been there but it was good for me too cuz I haven’t been there in a

Do I really have to say anything about this place? There aren’t enough stars to rate it. The order guy is one of the best person on this planet! I will get his name next time I’m there.

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