New China Buffet restaurant (prices + menu + location)

New China Buffet restaurant Good food, friendly people good price it’s kinda not kept well inside, couches tourn, and stuff like that but hey for the price and variety of food it’s great

Name: New China Buffet restaurant

Type: Chinese restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:11:00am-9:00pm/Friday, Saturday 11:00am-9:30pm

Official website: click here

Location : click here

Address New China Buffet restaurant

W Addison St #4329, Chicago, IL 60618، United States

Phone number New China Buffet restaurant


New China Buffet restaurant

Recommended foods

As a big fan of Chinese food I’d say that this has become one of my favorites in my list. It hasn’t not a large selection of dishes but each dish i tried had a special flavor.

New China Buffet restaurant

New China Buffet

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

Honestly this place is great and well worth the price. Quality of food is decent enough on its own and is very good for a buffet. I’ve seen a lot of comments about quality and customer service but I’m not certain what they are talking about. It’s a buffet that is relatively cheap in price, it will not be absolutely superb quality. As for customer service, I have been going here for years and while they may occasionally be blunt, they are still very respectful and I haven’t had any problems. Keep in mind that this place tends to have a very steady flow of customers so the staff are also quite busy (shows how popular they are!). This is a great place to go for a filling meal that you don’t want to pay too much for. Personally, I also love the food

Review to

Place looks nice when you first come in. A lots of sitting. Food it’s all right, maybe a two and a half stars on the food. Prices are good, but there’s not a lot to choose from. As far as clean wise, the bottom of the tables are very, very dirty! I moved a table of the wall to make more room, & it was so much nasty stuff left in my hand I felt like Puking. And the washrooms are so disgusting & messy. The walls need wiping down, & the metal bars the help you get back Up are so dirty & sticky that it make not want to come there anymore! Just imagine if the bathroom is that dirty and disgusting, how the kitchen might be?! So it’s a two stars for me, & no! I won’t be coming back

Review three

I really loved the dishes and customer service, fantastic area right next to my home. The workers are always super nice. Highly recommended

Review four

My husband and I absolutely love this place! Other places we have tried have been tasteless, but here the food is always delicious. Great price too! Only wish we lived closer so we could have it more often! I wish you still had chicken fingers though

New China Buffet restaurant chicago

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