Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant Kentucky 2024 Beautiful Restaurant

"Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant: A Taste of the Mediterranean in Kentucky"

Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant Kentucky Authentic, full of flavor, and a wonderful bite for vegetarians! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Mediterranean cuisine or just good food and service!

Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant Kentucky

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant Kentucky phone number: +18592696440

Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant Kentucky

Exceptional food! Exceptional service! The hummus was clearly made in house. Everything was fresh and fast. We came late afternoon so it wasn’t busy at the time. My lamb kebobs weren’t hot but everything else was so exceptional that it didn’t matter. The lentil soup, by the way, is phenomenal.

menu Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant Kentuckymenu Oasis Mediterranean RestaurantOasis Mediterranean Restaurant menuOasis Mediterranean Restaurant Kentucky menu

Fabulous food, attentive and courteous service. Be patient with this family run restaurant and you will be rewarded. If you’ve never tried Mediterranean food, this is a great place to start. If you are familiar with it, you will love this place!! Very reasonably priced!

Had the vegetarian sampler thing and it was not only a lot of food for the price, but it was high quality. The grape leaves were so good I could have had nothing but that and been satisfied. The hummus was great, the rice and beans had a great flavor to them. I didn’t love the farfel, but that’s just me, nothing wrong with it. Even the soap was good. I left very very satisfied.

Great food, great service and overall a very good experience. I had Chicken Gallaba and it was authentic style and very delicious. Service was very good as well.

Glad I chose this place while traveling and will definitely return! They have amazing kabobs and the hummus is so good! I had so many kabobs when I lived in LA and none of them is as good as this one. ( even though the other ones are already pretty good). Right amount of salt and texture of the meat is soft but meaty. Love it!

I ordered delivery so I can only review the food and not the restaurant itself but let me start off by acknowledging how delectable the stuffed grape leaves are, seriously if you’re in doubt of an appetizer order them and you’ll be so happy! The chicken shwarma wrap is beautifully made as well, with a spice blend that’s to die for and pickles just add to it in the most amazing way.

Finally the pita is the perfect dippable for some hummus, but it also works well enough on its own for anybody not in the mood for hummus (how though I got the buffet to try everything, a baklava, and a hot mint tea. It was all delicious. The service was great. They even gave me a box to go (for free) as the buffet was closing and I was the last one in there. Attached a pic of my baklava. It was very small but oh so good.

Came here for good Mediterranean food and was not disappointed. I got the lunch buffet for $16.95 and enjoyed a sampling of the different dishes. Best dish there – the fresh falafel.

Expertly fried and crunchy on the outside with a chewy inside that bursts with flavor. Pro tip – ask for the lentil soup (it’s not on the buffet bar but you can get it with lunch). Finally, lunch was topped off with mint tea. I enjoyed the tea, and the presentation was top notch.


Wonderful Lebanese cuisine. Great, friendly service. Ample portions. Actually gigantic portions. We tried the vegetarian lover(my choice), the sampler and the chicken kebab platter. All recommended. For those not familiar with Mediterranean cuisine, I recommend the sampler.

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