Obelisk Washington

Obelisk Washington is a Cozy relaxed place to get authentic Italian when I’m in the area. Service and food quality is superb.

  • Name: Obelisk
  • Worktime: 11.00 am – 8.00 pm expet Mon & Tue
  • Type: Italian restaurant
  • Assessment: 4.8
  • Prices: Medium
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Obelisk Washington Address

2029 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Obelisk Washington Phone number


Obelisk Washington

Best seller

blueberry pancakes , pumpkin spice latte , panforte dessert

Obelisk Washington Menu

menu Obelisk Washington
 Obelisk Washington menu

Visitors’ Comments

Comment 1 :

We’ve been going to Obelisk for over 10 years. It is our go-to special occasion restaurant. It’s a small, relaxed restaurant where the menus are hand-made and they regularly just keep bringing you delicious food. I trust that everything I will eat there will be carefully prepared and delicious. As such, I can always feel confident trying new items. The bread and cheese are fantastic and come from a common serving table in the middle of the restaurant. It’s not cheap, but you pay for consistency and quality. If we haven’t seen friends for a while and they’re only in town for a short time, we’ll take them here. You can enjoy a 2-hour meal that never feels rushed and is full of new incredible dishes to talk about.

Comment 2 :

The menu and service were beyond our expectations. We surely enjoyed the environment of this restaurant. Superb place to take the family out for lunch.

Comment 3 :

Wonderful food. Unfortunately they forgot to include our soup tonight…. a bit irritating but we love the place based on years of past experiences. Wonderful.

Comment 4 :

I had an amazing experience from beginning to end. I got all courses along with the wine pairings, everything was good. It was a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and try new things as well.

 Obelisk Washington

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