Portillos Hot Dogs restaurant Chicago 2024 Delicious Hot Dogs

Portillo's Hot Dogs: A Hot Dog Lover's Paradise

Portillos Hot Dogs restaurant Awesome-looking place! Busy, but they had the lines moving quickly, and there were plenty of tables. Grabbed a jumbo Portillio hot dog! Thinking about those ribs, though

Portillos Hot Dogs restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
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  • Portillos Hot Dogs restaurant phone number: +13125878910
Portillos Hot Dogs restaurant Chicago Most amazing Italian beef sandwiches. Be sure to get them with extra gravy. The hot dogs are sooooo good too. And Don’t be afraid of the unnaturally green relish, it’s to die for.Portillo’s rocks! The beef sandwich is fantastic, with mounds of beef on the big. Top it off with the hot and the sweet peppers, your mouth will thank you! (And burn a bit…) We have a Portillo’s close to home on the west coast, but anytime I get a chance to visit Chicago I try to get in here. Great atmosphere and a cool looking interior.

Menu Portillos Hot Dogs restaurant

Portillos Hot Dogs restaurant Chicago menu


I had the opportunity to visit Portillo’s Hot Dog in Chicago River North after looking through recommendations for the best places to eat hot dogs in the city. Upon arrival, I found the atmosphere pleasant and welcoming. I received the attention of a very friendly gentleman, who provided me with recommendations on what to order.I decided to try the Portillo Beef Hot Dog, but unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. Although the meat had good flavor, the bun was a complete disappointment. It was completely soggy and waterlogged, with a unpleasant texture on the palate. I did not enjoy the hot dog at all and had to remove the sausage and meat to be able to eat anything.Furthermore, the hot dog was extremely greasy, which only worsened my experience. In summary, it was not one of my best culinary experiences and I would not consider it one of my top places to recommend hot dogs in Chicago.
What a delightful place. So much to take in with the decor. The Chicago dog (without the bright green relish for me) was super yummy. The Italian dipped was huge but only okay in flavor. After 2 bites it just was bland to us. Neat place to go to for lunch. And we were lucky. It wasn’t packed at 1pm Saturday. The prices were very reasonable.
Always a great and quick treat you can count on. Never a bad bite and always the best service with a smile! Such a great place to bring the whole Family, a fun date or even a business break. Who ever you bring, they’ll appreciate your great taste if food and fun. And always well worth the can’t be beat prices. So come grab a hot delicious meal and a really cold drink. We were in heaven eating the Chicago dogs! Holy cow they are good! We don’t even like hot dogs and weren’t expecting much here but it was phenomenal! Loved the bun and the crunch of the veggies. Definitely will be back when we’re in Chicago! Chocolate cake was yummy too! Came here for an Italian beef. Got what I expected. Great counter service from the gentleman handing out orders. Place was quite packed at 10:45pm on a Monday evening, but so glad they are open late. Google Maps says open until 12am but they closed at 11p. So call ahead or re-check before going late. There was a lady working hard to keep the dining room clean after every table was cleared; before a new guest sat down: this lady deserves a raise!

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