Quilox Restaurant Lounge Washington DC

Quilox Restaurant Lounge Washington DC Food was great!phenomenon customer service! I wasn’t too sure about ordering there at first, but i was wowed! I will order there again.

  • Name : Quilox Restaurant Lounge
  • Worktime : , 11:00am–2:00am
  • Type : African food restaurant
  • Assessment : 3.9
  • Prices : $$
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Quilox Restaurant Lounge Washington DC Address :

7303 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20012،

Quilox Restaurant Lounge Washington DC Phone number :



Best seller :

Quilox Restaurant Lounge Menu :


Quilox Restaurant Lounge Menu

Quilox Restaurant Lounge Menu

Quilox Restaurant Lounge Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

Great food! I normally order on Uber Eats And have thoroughly enjoyed everything.
Best food in DMV. I was skeptical at first, tried all restaurants that carry ethnic food. This is by far the best.


Tried their okra soup and suya for the first time very surprised it was really good!
My first time @ this location but I Love Me some African food’ I met the owner he told me let him know how it was, well Mr. Sunny maybe because it was late the food didn’t have NoOooOOo taste. But I will be back to try one more time.. !

comment 3 :

So today I ordered a GOAT PEPPER SOUP earlier this afternoon on door dash. And when my food arrived it was NOT pepper soup. I order their pepper soup almost every other day. Today they gave me chunks of beef in some chicken noodle soup tasting broth. I am not impressed. And I am not satisfied. If they couldn’t make my order correct like they normally do then that should have not accepted the order!
Usually my pepper soup is red with goat meat in it and you can see the spices. Today they put beef in some brown broth like I do not know the difference between beef and goat. I am also half African so I know exactly how pepper soup is supposed to taste and look. That’s definitely bad for business when you order from there constantly

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