Quivey’s Grove Restaurant Wisconsin 2024 Amazing Restaurant

"Quivey's Grove: A Culinary Landmark"

Quivey’s Grove Restaurant Wisconsin Nestled within the picturesque surroundings of Quivey Grove, The Stone House offers an unforgettable dining experience that tantalizes the taste buds and soothes the soul. From the moment you step through its historic doors, you’re transported to a realm where culinary excellence meets rustic charm.

Quivey’s Grove Restaurant Wisconsin

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Quivey’s Grove Restaurant Wisconsin phone number: +16082734900

Quivey's Grove Restaurant

Excellent server. Very pleasant environment in the “stone house.” Food was excellent and prices reasonable for an upscale restaurant. Menu was clever with a Christmas theme. My wife had the salmon and I had the rack of lamb, something you seldom find in a restaurant. It was excellent.

Quivey's Grove Restaurant Wisconsin menumenu Quivey's Grove Restaurant Wisconsin

A historical setting with a great farm to table upscale menu. Wonderful place for a romantic meal or a casual get together. We ate at the Stone House. We had been there maybe 20 years ago and still a wonderful experience it’s only gotten better over time. Be sure to check out the tunnel between the Stone House and the Barn. This place is a wonderful hidden gem.

This is absolutely our favorite place for fish fry. The restaurant was beautifully decorated for the holidays. The service, as always, was warm, friendly, and top notch. And the food never disappoints. My husband says they should sell their tartar sauce! It was very crowded so we waited an hour for a table, but the bar area is large and fun and the drinks are terrific.

I appreciate their outdoor dining experience. What you trade in more limited service you gain in waiting time. Less than one old fashioned of waiting time to get a table in the big tent. Food was quickly delivered fresh. Was happy with the fried cod – crispy not soggy and served with lemon and rye bread. All the necessities for a good Friday night fish fry.

The food is really good. Usually I’m skeptical of how fish is prepared in Midwest because it’s pretty bland most of the time. However the lake trout was really good. The texture was perfect, soft meat but crispy skin. The seasoning was amazing. The steak was melting in my mouth.

The salmon was perfectly cooked but needed a bit more seasoning. I only took one star out because I wish the plating was a bit better. It took a while for the food to come out but the atmosphere was pretty nice and it was perfect for a date night, so time fies a bit for me. *one complaint though, we spent around $100 but got charged on our credit card for over $200 and as of now still can’t reach the restaurant to fix the charge

We were at a group of 18 and the waiter was very pleasant and organized. The ladies that ordered the pork schnitzel said it was one of the best they’ve had. Some of us had the special which was a pastry with cream chicken in it. It was good. Could’ve been a little warmer. The glasses of wine seemed like a very small pour for the price they were charged. Everyone seemed satisfied with their food and we had a very nice time.



Amazing ambiance and history. Friendly and attentive service. Neat old barn wood surrounds the stable’s construction. Good cocktail and beer selection. NOTE: there’s a “secret” tunnel that connects the stable and the house. You can walk through the tunnel, which is unmarked, but staff will point you in the right direction. Prices were reasonable and food was tasty. Mixed drinks are legit and strong (but still taste great).

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