Rafael’s Italian Restaurant Tennessee 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Delighting Your Palate with Italian Excellence"

Rafael’s Italian Restaurant Tennessee Great food and friendly workers! They have anything that you could possibly want.

Rafael’s Italian Restaurant Tennessee

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $
  • Rafael’s Italian Restaurant Tennessee phone number:+19314383337

Rafael's Italian Restaurant

Delicious and comforting! Service was excellent. We had the mozzarella sticks, calzone, shrimp stirfry and ravioli from kids menu. Portions were generous.

Rafael's Italian Restaurant Tennessee menuRafael's Italian Restaurant menu

If you want delicious wings you HAVE to stop here! They make amazing Buffalo wings and even better pizza! This is our go to for some late night wings! Definitely a great place to eat here in Fayetteville!

Great family restaurant with good food at good prices. Check out their 2 for 1 pizza specials as it’s hard to beat the value.

My wife an i was visitin our daughter in fayettvile an decided to try them out, had heard they had good food, but we have all heard that before, an ended up with a less than favorable dining experiance lol…. This time it was true, we placed our order for a medium pizza an drinks, paid our tab of $20 an change, was given a ticket, got our drinks an sat down waited for our order…. after about 15 mins our number was called so i went up to the counter an there was 2 pizzas waiting,

thought i heard the number wrong, an the clerk that took our order saw the confused look on my face an said that was our order, i said we only ordered 1 pizza, an he informed me that you bought one an you get one free. Pleasantly shocked i took the pizzas back to the table, sat them down an my wife had the same look i had at the counter when i brought 2 pizzas, then we opened the box, an was hit with this great aroma, an saw a beautiful crust an no shortage of toppings anywhere….

We then truly enjoyed one of the BEST pizzas we have had anywhere…. Cant wait to go back, an will deffinatly stop there everytime we go back to visit our daughter

Nice and quiet little place.they anywhere from Italian to Mexican to hamburgers. The employees were very polite and the restaurant was clean. The food was awesome. If ever in the area will eat there again.

Never been here before wish I took a picture of my meal Grilled chicken on a bed of rice with a salad and bread sticks. I had to bring half home it was a healthy portion and the salad had a great mix. Excellent place to eat and I stop at a lot on the road 4 days a week. Must make this one a come back to anytime I’m in Fayetteville TN

Exploring Fayetteville and found this place. I feel torn with my review. The food was fantastic, but the building seemed pretty dirty once you started looking at it. We had a spinach and feta cheese calzone and Italian chicken with salad. The food had fantastic flavor.

The sauce tasted homemade and the breading was delicious! The staff seemed friendly, and I did see someone wiping off tables after people left. I don’t know if I would have stayed, if we had not ordered first though. The building is very unkept. The ceiling tiles are yellow, sagging, and have water stains. The air vents are coated in dust. The floor is a little slick with years of grease.


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