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Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant Rhode Island 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Experience Japan in Rhode Island"

Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant Rhode Island Superb little shop with great food and even greater staff. Their sake selection is fantastic and their menu varied.

Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant Rhode Island

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant Rhode Island phone number: +14012767574

Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant

This my favorite sushi spots in Providence. We stopped by late on a Wednesday night, and got counter seats (my personal favorite spot). We tried: – age dashi tofu (friend tofu in a dashi broth) – hamachi (yellow tail) nigiri – sake (salmon) sashimi – unagi (eel) nigiri – spicy scallop roll (off menu) – rainbow roll You get two pieces for nigiri and sushi, and 3 pieces for the salmon. The quality of the fish is incredible.

The yellowtail was one of the best cuts of fish I’ve ever tasted. We went back for seconds! The pricing is incredibly affordable and the staff is the sweetest.

Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant MenuRan Zan Japanese Restaurant Rhode Island  MenuMenu Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant Rhode Island Menu Ran Zan Japanese Restaurant

You must try this place! The outside doesn’t look like much but the food is simply amazing. As other reviewers noted, it does take quiet a bit of time for your sushi to arrive. But once it arrives, it is divine. None of that terrible warm rice but cold sushi here. The fish is brought up to room temperature without making it smell fishy. Try it. Go early though, this is quiet a popular place

I’ve lived in Rhode Island all my life and by far this is the best sushi I have ever had living here. Real Japanese sushi. Run by a real Japanese sushi chef. The place is so comfortable. Perfect place to grab a bite. Nice place to eat solo too! This little place is a hidden gem. I’ve been to MANY different sushi places, and this chef has perfected his art. The rolls are perfectly crafted in a mindful and thoughtful manner, and the price is really good! This will be my go-to place from here on out.

This is the best authentic sushi spot in the state! Everything is fresh and it is family run. The sushi chef truly values quality and attention to detail. We love just about everything here and when we think of sushi, there’s really no other place better than this in the state.

Try the shaved ice with plum sauce for dessert! The sugarplum sauce is homemade! Truly fantastic sushi. Small cozy place. The same man is behind the sushi counter every time (sometimes with an assistant), a woman in the kitchen (I presume these are the owners), and someone serving. If you are looking for a quick bite of sushi, you will be frustrated by the wait. If you are in no rush and the priority is good food, this is your spot! We love this place.

Great quality sushi from a Japanese chef. I recommend the Spider Roll and their Snow Crab and Asparagus Roll made with real Snow Crab. Their rolls are small and inexpensive which means you can get more variety for your meal, always a plus. Their tempura sauce is high quality and not watered down like so many others. The fish is delicious and high quality. I will be back!


I’m pumped to have finally found authentic Japanese food in Providence! The food and service are very good and the prices are reasonable. The inside is clean and unassuming. We will be back regularly.

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