Rancherito’s Mexican Food Utah 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Tasty Mexican Eats for Every Occasion"

Rancherito’s Mexican Food Utah Fast-food chain offering familiar Mexican fare, including breakfast options, around the clock.

Rancherito’s Mexican Food Utah

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.0
  • pricing: $
  • Menu: click Here
  • Rancherito’s Mexican Food Utah phone number: +18013282609

Rancherito's Mexican Food Utah

This location is among the best I’ve been to. I had a bacon breakfast burrito. The bacon was actually crisp, potatoes fully cooked but not overdone, and cheese spread throughout the burrito. The green sauce was a bit watered down compared to other locations, but if you want less spice, it’s perfect. The customer service was better than most locations too. If the sauce was a bit thicker, this would be the obvious choice for best rancheritos location.

For food I rated 5/5 because it exceeded my expectations.
For service I rated 5/5 only because 5 was the highest score I could give
For atmosphere I rated 5/5, but I have only gone thru the drive thru and was impressed by their speed so 5/5

Rancherito's Mexican Food Utah menuRancherito's Mexican Food menu

Their breakfast steak burrito is Soooo good! However I went there last night and got the shredded chicken burrito and asked for cheese and sour cream added and when I got home…they didn’t add either but was charged for both. Tried it anyway and it was horrible.

I always eat here I love the food drive-thru gets pretty busy sometimes and the neighborhood isn’t particularly the best but the city is working on it. But for the cost of the plate that I usually order which is the carne asada plate you get a lot of food for 13 bucks. Enough to feed two people.

Great value for the price! I went there feeling very hungry but I still could only eat half the enormous burrito. The rest I had for lunch the next day. The meat was a little chewy-hence the 4 instead of 5. The fries inside gave it a unique texture that made the meal for me! Their tomatillo salsa was delicious.

I got a bean and cheese burrito. It was pretty inexpensive so I got a children’s quesadilla to avoid the small delivery charge. The burrito was very good as the quesadilla was decent also (came with rice beans and a drink). For a change someone remembered both the drink and the plasticware.

Go-to spot for hole-in-the-wall quality Mexican food. Service is a bit rough, as far as atmosphere, it’s solidly a divey place in a bit of an undesirable part of town, but brave it for the best Mexican food! Favorites include super nachos, carne asada fries burrito, and breakfast burritos. The horchata is amazing too!


This restraunt never disappoints, their food and drinks are always top notch, we have been coming to this specific location for 6 years and will continue coming back. The food is always amazing, always fresh, and if their is a ranchritos you want to try this is the one that is a must for you to try. Very family oriented

Been coming to this location for many, many years. Even when it was under a different title. The customer service, the freshness of the food, the very small wait time to get it and all the time to enjoy it. Been well over 15 years and it just keeps getting better. Thank you for the amazing work you all do. It is greatly appreciated.



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