Rice and Kabob Restaurant Colorado 2024 Amazing Restaurant

Rice and Kabob Restaurant Colorado

Rice and Kabob Restaurant Colorado Food is excellent and service is Great Overall a very excellent place…The food is delicious and unrivaled in the area

Rice and Kabob Restaurant Colorado

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Rice and Kabob Restaurant Colorado phone number: +17207630786

Rice and Kabob Restaurant Colorado

I visit this place when I have been in the area and I have never been disappointed. I am always happy with my experience and choices at rice and kabob. My favorites are the #13 which is the 3 skewer option which can be a combo of chicken and meat but I pick all as chicken because they are tasty, juicy and flavorful! I also like the chicken over rice and the gyro over rice, the combo is great too! The biryanis are awesome just like the gheymeh stew they have sometimes but run out quickly because they are popular.

The quality, portion, price and taste is great and they offer a drink of your choice with the meal so why not go here when everything is affordable, food is tasty, filling and a good portion you can always take your food home when you can’t finish it so it’s all a plus and I recommend this place to everyone!

Rice and Kabob Restaurant Colorado MenuRice and Kabob Restaurant MenuMenu Rice and Kabob Restaurant Colorado

Great food, good prices, lots of options and excellent service. I was able to order online and pickup my order within minutes. The staff was friendly and I appreciated the fact that they are sensible enough to not allow indoor dining currently even though the state has opened back up.

Had they have had open dining inside I would have went elsewhere. I had the lamb gyro and it was amazing. Reminded me of something I’d have overseas that is not overly greasy and didn’t have lots of extra junk added (it’s healthier than most Americanized foods). They even have a fresh bakery and small grocery store inside. If I’m in the area again I’d totally come back. This place is absolutely worth the visit!

I love this place. The food is exceptional, the people are exceptional. The location is terrible, decor is non-existent, and you’ve got to trip over this hidden gem because you’ll never hear an ad, and “rice and kabob” isn’t a super catchy name, to say the least. None of that detracts from this place, quite the opposite. It makes you pull for it. You want to see it succeed, because the food is SO DARN GOOD.

Slow roasted lamb, authentic Tika chicken and the best rice I’ve ever tasted. This place should be packed all day, especially considering the lack of meaningful competition in the area. I love this place, one of my absolute favorites. Glad I found it. You will be too. Oh, and don’t pay attention to the negative reviews. People don’t know what they’re eating, or what it’s supposed to taste like. And the restrooms are communal, shared by multiple tenants, out of the restaurant’s control. So that was a cheap shot as well.

They had very fresh bread made right at the oven just like in any middle eastern country you would go to a market place and they make + sell bread right at your convenience. The sitting area is conjested and the place needs design/enthusiasm

God I love this place. The food is delicious and unrivaled in the area. I come here every time I’m in Denver/Aurora

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