Rumi Middle Eastern Grill Restaurant 2024 Amazing food

Elevating Middle Eastern Cuisine to New Heights

Rumi Middle Eastern Grill Restaurant Rumi is our go to spot for middle eastern food. The chicken shawarma plate, gyro plate and falafel are packed with flavor and fresh ingredients. The staff is kind and takeout orders are always correct and packaged tightly.

Rumi Middle Eastern Grill Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4 
  • pricing: $$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Rumi Middle Eastern Grill Restaurant phone number: +17736665119

Rumi Middle Eastern Grill

Rumi serves the best falafel in Chicago, hands down. The pita is always LOADED (5-6 falafel balls, tons of pickled veggies, slathered in hummus and different sauces and wrapped in a soft, warm pita). Extremely tasty and they prepare the falafels fresh — made when you order. The quality has been extremely consistent every time I have visited. I recommend this place to everyone I know! (P.S. for downtown Chicagoans, it is definitely worth the 20 min train ride from the loop! …one of the best late-nite options in the city as well).

Delicious. Very flavorful. Feta is my favorite, big creamy chunky feta. The meat is ridiculously tasty. The kefta is my favorite. The rice is very good, it’s not hard at all. Falafel.. mm and their hot sauce is soo good. You can’t go wrong with anything you order from here. The folks who work here are also very nice and a pleasure to see them. The decor is also elevated from the average counter serve Mediterranean place. Cant praise it enough here. Even the kefta salad is top notch. Little pricey but surely worth it for the flavor and portion size.

Rumi Middle Eastern Grill Restaurant MenuRumi Middle Eastern Grill MenuMenu Rumi Middle Eastern Grill RestaurantMenu Rumi Middle Eastern Grill

Stopped by looking for some dinner after finding this place on Google. Me and my family are not from the area, but the service was super friendly and welcoming. He helped explain the menu very well. There was an open kitchen and everything was SUPER clean. Which I loved! Food was delicious! I was not a fan of the soup but everything else was so good that I still give this place 5 stars. Will definitely be coming back the next time we are in town!

Delicious food, if a little pricey for counter service. The soda machine wasn’t working the day we were there and they didn’t have a big variety in the soda fridge. The falafel was fresh, crisp and flavorful. Hummus was tasty, as were the salads. The desserts were crisp and fresh and not dripping in honey.

This food was so fresh and delicious! Do yourself and stop in. There’s usually not a wait. Very affordable and sure to satisfy your cravings for falafel, schwarma, and gyros!

Halal, super clean, great taste, meat sourced for a farm in Wisconsin, best I have had. The incredibly friendly guys behind the counter are the owners, and you can tell they care. My go to place.

I had the chicken shawarma wrap. I should have taken a picture of it because it was as pretty as it tasted. Just amazing and hit the spot. The hot sauce, which is served on the side, also amazing. Service was very nice as well.

this place is AMAZING! we got the Pitas and I asked for chicken kabob in mine and it was amazing. Their falafel is the best I’ve ever tried. The workers were so kind too, they made the experience even better. Definitely a fun choice in wicker park 


Best beef shawarma I’ve had in Chicago & I have been to more places than I can count. Great customer service, delicious food and nice atmosphere. I highly recommend Rumi!

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