Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs and Wraps washington dc

Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs and Wraps washington dc Excellent variety, very flavorful, good value for the price. Fellow at the counter was very kind. Highly recommend, especially for vegetarian options! Outside seating made this a lovely and relaxing lunch spot.

  • Name : Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs and Wraps
  • Worktime : ,11:30AM–11:00PM
  • Type :  Pakistani food restaurant
  • Assessment : 4.2
  • Prices : $|$$
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Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs and Wraps  Address :

1704 R St NW, Washington, DC 20009،

Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs and Wraps Phone number :


Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs and Wraps washington dc

Best seller :

butter chicken




Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs and Wraps Menu :

Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs and Wraps Menu

Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs and Wraps Menu

Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs and Wraps Menu

Sacrificial Lamb Kabobs and Wraps Menu

Visitors’ Comments 


Comment 1 :

It WAS 5 stars but today’s chef deserved only 1 star. The owner is really nice and customer service oriented so when I called months ago to ask if I could request dishes to be MILD, he said “of course, just write it down on your order.” So Sacrificial Lamb became my #1 restaurant. For about 1 year, I have been ordering the same dishes and sometimes introducing a new one, but after speaking to the owner to ask if a MILD version could be ordered. His answer was always the same and the food was AMAZING. I also dislike salads so I always asked for “no salad.” Today, I got a heaping salad on top of my chicken Biryani. As always, I requested it mild, but it was spicy. There were 2 other dishes that I requested (as before), to be mild but they were not.

Comment 2:

When I called the restaurant to ask them to replace the items (I always place my order the day before), the “chef” was very rude and telling me that it was MY fault because I ordered the wrong dishes. There are only 5 chicken dishes that I always order and I always order them mild (except for the butter chicken and the korma which are already mild). I told the chef that I always order mild and that I always write it on my order. He became even more rude, interrupting me and when I asked for the owner, he said that he wasn’t there today. I asked him to replace the spicy dishes and he became even more irate. I told him that I would have to call Grub Hub then so he responded: “do what you want.”

Comment 3 :

My friend from India kept saying to me “Carson man, you have to try chicken karai”. Immediately I was in the search for a place that I could find this dish in DC. I stumbled across Sacrificial lamb and it did not disappoint. The sauce was rich and flavorful and had a nice subtle kick to it. The chicken and vegetables were also perfectly cooked and very tasty. The Naan was soft and the rice was good as well. Great Indian dining experience and I can’t wait to come back for more

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