Salt and Pepper Grill restaurant Washington 2024 Beautiful food

"Experience a Culinary Adventure at Salt and Pepper Grill"

Salt and Pepper Grill restaurant Best Indian food ever! Seriously though Salt and Pepper had some of the best food I’ve ever had. Great spices, amazing flavors, wonderful breads. This place is a must for anyone looking for seriously good food.

Salt and Pepper Grill restaurant Washington

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3
  • pricing: $
  • Menu: click Here
  • Salt and Pepper Grill restaurant Washington phone number: +12025880666

Salt and Pepper Grill restaurant

My favorite Pakistani place in dc, cozy and great cost performance.

Loved it… This is an awesome place for biryani lovers… Veg, Goat and chicken. Paneer pakoda is awesome.. Have to try it
Really good chicken tikka. Naan is great too.
Best Indian restaurant in Washington DC, try samosa chaat, chicken biryani and butter chicken with nan

Salt and Pepper Grill restaurant menuSalt and Pepper Grill restaurant Washington menu

Great food and great service. Check out their eat-in specials. I had trouble getting through on the phone one day so I ordered off GrubHub. In my rush I ordered to my old address and didn’t realize until the driver arrived. I felt terrible …

I L O V E this restaurant. If it wasn’t so expensive I would eat it every other day. The ONLY thing I don’t like about this restaurant is there delivery driver. He is very rude and will try to hound you if he thinks you didn’t give him a good enough tip they should look into hiring someone else. I usually order the lamb kahari and its spice level is on 100! I love it ! if you have bland taste buds don’t get this dish.

I think its HILARIOUS when people complain about the spice of Indian food. Like its common knowledge that there dishes are usually on the spicy side! If you don’t like it THEN DON”T ORDER IT. Ugh people are so used to eating bland unseasoned food they don’t know what good food taste like.

Salt & Pepper Grill has long been our family’s favorite place to order Indian food from. It’s been a few months since we last ordered, and tonight we ordered delivery straight from their website. Cheaper than ordering from a third-party like DoorDash and hopefully they get more/all of the money that way.

Our confirmation said it would be 55 minutes—so our hungry household was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in under 20! Drop-off was contactless. Everything was SO DELICIOUS, as usual. All of their veggie options are SO good. This time around we also got an order of Fish Pakora Tilapia…loved it! Highly recommend Salt & Pepper Grill!!

Randomly selected, the food was exceptionally good. I loved Daal chawal as compared to other dishes that we ordered but it is all person to person. The most important thing to note is that the content of oil is phenomenally good. If I had to eat again there I would go for Daal chawal.

Pretty good Indian food. I’m a big fan of their cafeteria style quick pick up option (think Panda Express style) for when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait for an order. Their plate prices are quite reasonable as well. Unfortunately if you order online for pick up, it can get expensive, quick. Food is good though, especially their samosas!

Great spot for takeout, I’ve admittedly never been for a sit down meal because we live in walking distance and usually get takeout! Highly recommend this location as it’s a little less crowded than the one on 14th. The food is just as good though. It’s hearty and the portions are great. We’ve never had issues with any of our orders. Try the shrimp curry or the tandoor chicken.

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