Selam Ethiopian Kitchen (prices + menu + location)

Selam Ethiopian Kitchen One of the best place to eat at. Tried 3 places in Chicago. Selam is more authentic and so tasty. They are so nice and service is A plus

Name: Selam Ethiopian Kitchen

Type: African restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: there is

Beer: there is

work Time:11:00am-11:00pm/Monday, closed/Saturday, Friday, Sunday 11:00am-2:00am

Official website: click here

Location : click here

Address Selam Ethiopian Kitchen

N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640، United States

Phone number Selam Ethiopian Kitchen


Selam Ethiopian Kitchen

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It was my first time going to the restaurant. From the outside appearance you wouldn’t know that it was a cozy place to eat. The waitress was very helpful and informative on the whole menu. The food that was prepared was amazing and the atmosphere of the place was soothing. I was full from what I ordered and had to take some food home for later. Plan on coming again for a good meal

Selam Ethiopian Kitchen

Selam Ethiopian

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

It was delightful to eat at place where I can get authentic Ethiopian food. The place is great find and I recommend anyone who would like to try out Ethiopian food

Review to

Excellent Ethiopean food at a reasonable price. Friendly staff. Signage and Google Maps were slightly misleading so don’t give up of you can’t find the place at first glance

Enjoyed the smokey crust of the Goden Tibs, the injera, lentils side dish, and the honey wine. Folks were friendly helping us through the menu. Fairly priced

Review three

The flavors where great. It was my first time eating Ethiopian food so I don’t have anything to compare to. Service was great

Tasty food and excellent reception. I come to Selam quite often. Selam is always my first option and it never disappoints. Service is delightful and very professional

Review four

This is definitely a great spot for Ethiopian food. Free parking by the shopping center. Ambience is calm with soft music and you can have conversations. I always get surprised why this place is Not congested for the service you get. Maybe the location Food is delicious and prices are fair. I am addicted to their Short ribs( Goden tibs). I highly recommend this place

Selam Ethiopian Kitchen chicago 

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