shanghai restaurant kennewick washington dc

shanghai restaurant kennewick washington dc Delicious food. Fast, great serving sizes, friendly staff. Love getting take out from here.

  • Name : shanghai restaurant
  • Worktime :9:30 am-11:00pm
  • Type :  mediterranean food restaurant
  • Assessment : 4.3
  • Prices : $$-$$$
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shanghai restaurant kennewick washington dc  Address :

3013 W Clearwater Ave, Kennewick, WA 99336

shanghai restaurant kennewick washington dc Phone number :


shanghai restaurant kennewick washington dc

shanghai restaurant kennewick washington dc

Best seller :

lemon chicken

best egg drop soup

Orange chicken

shanghai restaurant Menu :

shanghai restaurant kennewick washington dc

shanghai Menu

shanghai restaurant

shanghai restaurant Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

Comment 1 :

Went there yesterday and the food was disgusting, I love Chinese food but the food here did not have good flavor. The flavor was mostly rancid almost like a soapy flavor. The restaurant looked so dark and smelled weird and looked very unclean.

Comment 2 :

Great prices for decent food. However my husband’s shrimp wasn’t cooked properly and had violent food poisoning all night as a consequence. Eat at your own risk.
Really good food, and a LOT of it. Not the very best I’ve had, but it was quite good and well priced–bang for your buck is key here. Will be returning, and probably a bit too often at that.

Comment 3 :

Best in town! Orange chicken is always spot on . Staff is always friendly. Have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a table, even when it was busy. Food always comes out fast and hot. No complaints. Repeat customer. Have been enjoying Shanghai for 14 years now with 0 problems. Keep up the great work!

Comment 4 :

UHG!!! Disgusting food!!! The tempura was stale and chewy. The chicken tasted and had the texture of 2 day old road kill. The BBQ pork was about 7/10 on the scoreboard but how can you screw that up? The egg drop soup was awful. The pork fried rice was burned and, hate to say, that was the BEST part of the flavor. As near as I can tell the meal was made at least 24hrs ago and microwaved. If you like this place please do continue to frequent them as this is hard times for all but that’s the LAST dollar I’ll spend there.

shanghai restaurant kennewick washington dc

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