Shibam Yemeni Kitchen Restaurant in chicago

Shibam Yemeni Kitchen Restaurant The food is really good, drove there for an hour. it reminds me back to home.

  • Name :  Shibam Yemeni Kitchen Restaurant
  • Worktime : , ,11:00AM-12:00AM
  • Type : mediterranean food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $$
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Shibam Yemeni Kitchen Restaurant Address :

N Elston Ave, Chicago,

Shibam Yemeni Kitchen Restaurant number :


Best seller :

Lamb was so tender! The soup was very delicious too! Can’t wait to try other dishes here

Shibam Yemeni Kitchen Restaurant Menu :

   Shibam Yemeni Kitchen Restaurant menuShibam Yemeni Kitchen Restaurant menuShibam Yemeni Kitchen Restaurant menuShibam Yemeni Kitchen Restaurant menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

Everything was super cool. The food is of high quality. The customer service is excellent too. The place is very clean 💚 Nice place to invite family , friends, اتمنى لكم التوفيق الدائم ان شاء الله 👍

comment2 :

Food was excellent specially awesome customer care. The girl worked at the front super excellent. She greeted very well at the beginning till end.
This is my first time I try Yemeni cuisine I enjoyed the food the place clean the order came fast it was fresh made 🥘 very tasty I order the fish with rice it’s was great the portion size was big I will definitely go back to try different dish and there dessert 🍮

comment 3 :

We came here late night, they had a family room which was extremely nice, the service was incredible and the guy was really respectful and gave us our space. Now the food, was probably the best food we ever had in the US. If we lived here probably we could go here like every week 😍 the flavor in the food was impossibly good to describe. You must try it!

Comment 4 :

My expectation was a bit higher. We ordered a bunch of items. In none of them the meat was salty enough. Part of the meat in Zurbian and Haneeth was just tasteless. Agdah was the only item that we genuinely enjoyed.Great and very authentic Middle Eastern food!! Definitely like and recommend their lamb! It’s cooked very well that you could feel it melting in your mouth. Their ma’asob (the desert in the picture) is also very different and outstanding!!! 

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