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Silk Road Restaurant New Jersey 2024 Beautiful Restaurant

"Experience the Essence of the Silk Road in New Jersey"

Silk Road Restaurant New Jersey food was good and the service is very good, the staff were nice and friendly and the service is top self

Silk Road Restaurant New Jersey

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4 
  • pricing: $$
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  • Silk Road Restaurant New Jersey phone number: +19085618288

Silk Road Restaurant New Jersey

I always come here for their lunch menu. Staff are friendly. We ordered
Shami Kabab, Tandoori Chicken and Filet Mignon Kabab. All these are came with a lentil soup, a fresh baked flat bread, and salad. Definitely filling for me. All 3 dishes are tasty.

However, I think the Shami Kobab is not really 100% beef. I am wondering if they added lamb or other meat in which i can’t handle the taste. Filet Mignon is the best option for beef and it is very juicy and didn’t overcooked. The same for the tandoori chicken.

Silk Road Restaurant New Jersey MenuSilk Road Restaurant MenuMenu Silk Road Restaurant New Jersey

This family run Afghan restaurant is outstanding. Our personal favorites are the Chapli Kabob (ground beef and lamb) and Murgh Kofta Kabob (ground chicken).

The meals are served with a lentil soup, tomato and cucumber salad, fresh bread, and your choice of rice. We also enjoy a side of the okra dish as well.

What an unexpected, pleasant dining experience. We had the experience of a meal that is a true delight.
The pleasures that Silk Road provides are many: the elegant dining rooms, the attentive service, and the wonderful food, the attention to detail, and the friendly atmosphere all come together to delight the customer.
We had been out on a dreary day, one of many such days lately. My wife suggested we go to Silk Road, that it would be a treat on such a somber afternoon. An excellent choice!

We were promptly seated for lunch. No sooner than we were seated our server had a carafe of water on the table. The decor has been done with care, cloth napkins speak to the pride Silk Road takes in its image.
We placed our order.

We were immediately served Afghan salad and Lentil soup. The salad was loaded with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, the lentil soup delicious (and I dislike lentils!). Two pieces of Afghan Bread were served shortly after, piping hot and delicious. We were told the bread is baked fresh in house. We could have been satisfied with these first offerings, which were offered with our entree.

My wife had the Large Mantu, which are steamed dumplings filled with minced beef, chives, and afghan spices, garnished with dill yogurt. She shared some with me: delicious! I had Banjan, an eggplant dish redolent with Afghan spices. Both entrées came with Naringe Palaw, a rice with orange and saffron, an intriguing combination of flavors. My wife, who doesn’t particularly like eggplant, loved my dish almost as much as I did. A true gustatory delight.

The owner spent some time with us, his pride in his restaurant and his cuisine evident, his desire to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere makes for a great dining experience. Do yourself a favor: venture forth to Silk Road. You’ll be pleased you did

Each time, I go there with my family, I receive a warm welcome from the staff and the restaurant is pleasant. You will travel to Afghanistan through the decoration and the photos. The place is clean, and they serve the best food. everything is fresh, you find all the flavors. everything is good,  delicious. for me, it’s the best restaurant. you won’t be disappointed.


This is an amazing Afghan restaurant. If you have never had Afghan food, please do. Even their rice is very tasty. It is very affordable and the ambience in the place is very good. I went for lunch that came with salad, bread and the main entree. It was all great.

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