Southside African Restaurant (prices + menu + location)

Southside African Restaurant What a nice place to have fresh taste of African delicacy. Good staff and management, nice parking space

Name: Southside African Restaurant

Type: African restaurant

Category: groups/individuals

Child: Appropriate

Music: There is

Beer: There is

work Time:12:00-9:00 pm/Saturday, 12:00-7:00 pm/Sunday, closed

Location : click here

Address Southside African Restaurant

S Baltimore Ave, Chicago, IL 60617،United States

Phone number Southside African Restaurant


Southside African Restaurant

Recommended foods

It was soon good,smells good once you enter in the room,warm,fresh,tender chicken,done with rice, spices,and fresh.they practice covid safety

Menu Southside African Restaurant

Southside African Restaurant menu

 Reviews of previous visitors

Review one

The food is delicious. I’m really happy they are on the South side because the only other good ones are up North side

I got tons of food and spent over $30 for two meals earlier in the year. Recently I bought 2 beef egusi soup dinners for over $13 apiece and got barely enuff to get full. It is very tasty that is why I gave 4 stars. I miss the Pre-Covid portions. I even mentioned my last meal was small and they said they would make up for it.  might have gotten one more tablespoon

Review to

Went to the Southside African restaurant just for something different. It’s a small place with just a couple tables and you order at the counter. There were only a couple of menu items that I recognized like fufu and jollof, of course I didn’t order either of those. I did order the beans and whatever the special was… some sort of beef stew. The beans were wonderful, the special was okay– both were pretty spicy. I’d love to go back and try everything else on the menu

Review three

This is my first time eating African food and I must say that it is pretty tasty. They give a lot of food for one person. I’m very pleased with the food. And it didn’t take long to get my food

Review four

9ja born & raised so I’m a certified Nigerian food connoisseur. the food taste like home. flavors are on point with every dish. 3 choices of meats with every meal. the customer service is good and quick. don’t have to wait long for your food most of the time

Southside African Restaurant chicago

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