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"Discover the Vibrant Flavors of Spice Waala"

Spice Waala Restaurant Amazing local spot with delicious, quality food prepared and delivered by the kindest pros

Spice Waala Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
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  • Spice Waala Restaurant  phone number: +12064665195

Spice Waala

We got here right as they opened for dinner. We ordered a lamb kebab, aloo tikki (potato roll), masala aloo (fries), aloo tikki chat (fried potato patty with toppings, masala chai and soft serve. Lemme just tell you: that first bite of the lamb was a revelation. It was savory, a bit spicy and just overall delicious. The roti it was wrapped in was warm, crisp and had just enough char.

Everything else was equally delicious, but the lamb is what will bring me back. Portion sizes might be smaller than you’d prefer, but prices are low here, so if you’re a big eater get another roll! That’s what I did, and I don’t even feel guilty about it. The guys behind the counter were super friendly and the interior was inviting. Masala Fries, Masala Aloo, Chicken Tikka Kathi Roll, Lamb Kebab Kathi Roll, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Aloo Chaat

Spice Waala Restaurant MenuMenu Spice Waala RestaurantSpice Waala Menu

Extraordinary food. Probably the best Kathi rolls, very indian style. Surprisingly Chaat items were better than I expected ( you don’t find chaat items in a kathi roll place) and even the ice cream was very unique. Food is cheap. Give a try to Masala chai. I even got additional togo items after lunch, for dinner. Highly recommended!! YUM! Thoroughly enjoyed snack size Papdi Chaat, Kathi Roll Chicken Tikka, mango lassi and mango soft serve. Even my picky son loved his roll. The papdi chaat came with a sweet info card with instructions for how to add toppings. The toppings were kept separate for take out so the chips would not get soggy. The card is such a great idea!! Enjoy!

Friendly (Capitol Hill) neighborhood hole in the wall eatery serving North Indian street fare. I liked the limited menu. Among starters we ordered the papdi chat twice, it was not authentic but distinctly tasty. Then we sampled one of each Kati Roll. The paneer bhurji roll was a let down, the chicken was alright and the lamb was the highlight – juicy, flavorful and the spices seemed on point. I picked up a “Himalayan snowman” lager and it was not bad at all. Overall shall we call it a light Indian dinner? That doesn’t happen often. Oh and don’t forget to add an egg to your Kati roll- “Calcutta style”

Perfect place for a rainy Seattle evening! A glass of chai and some aloo tikki will lift your spirits. They have a limited menu but literally everything on their menu is delicious. Food is thoughtfully prepared, perfect spices, and served well. The place is also well decorated and has a nice ambience. Depending on when you visit the place finding parking can be tricky .

This place is good for evening snacks. Small portion of food. Simple and delicious. Ambience has some Indian touch. Cute little space for dine in. Ordered everything that was veg on the menu. Aloo tikki roll, Paneer burji roll, bhel puri, masala aloo fries, papdi chaat. Also had their masal chai and mango lassi. My personal favorite was aloo tikki roll- barbecued aloo gave smoky flavor. Masala aloo was a hit. Loved the flavor. It’s pretty affordable.


Delicious food, friendly vibes! The menu was thoughtfully curated, reasonably priced and there were loads of vegetarian options. We loved everything, but the bhel puri and rose cardamom soft serve were the highlight for me!

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