Sultan Kebab restaurant Virginia 2024 Delicious food

"Indulge in the Best of Turkish Cuisine at Sultan Kebab"

Sultan Kebab restaurant Virginia This is one of fav restaurant in C’ville. They server fresh and hot food. Atmosphere is so welcoming. you are gonna love it. Best Turkish restaurant around the city. Vegetarian options available. Try their tea it’s mind-blowing ..

Sultan Kebab restaurant Virginia

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
  • pricing: $$
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  • Sultan Kebab restaurant Virginia phone number: +14349810090

Sultan Kebab restaurant

Perfectly cooked lamb, salad dressing and hummus quite flavorful and bread so tasty. I sat outside on cool fall day! Music quite relaxing. Service stellar.

Sultan Kebab restaurant Virginia menumenu Sultan Kebab restaurant VirginiaSultan Kebab restaurant menu

I recently dined at the restaurant and tried their Turkish cuisine. While the absence of garlic spread was disappointing, the chicken skewers were a bit plain. The salad lacked flavor and the absence of pita bread was unexpected. The kafta had some taste, but it was a bit lacking. It’s worth noting that the flavors were nothing like authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Anyone that thinks this is how Turkish food taste must not have ever tasted real Turkish food. Additionally, the seating area was a bit cluttered. Overall, there were some hits and misses with the food and ambiance.

Great food. Great price. The amount of food on my plate was enormous. Everything was delicious! We had a reservation based on someone’s recommendation, and would highly recommend as this place was packed and people were waiting when we left.

Yummy! This is an amazing spot for Mediterranean/Turkish food with a lovely area to dine outside on the deck/patio. There is also indoor seating which is nicely lit and decorated with beautiful artwork! My friend and I of course chose to enjoy the weather and sit outside! Upon sitting we had a few different employees help us with sitting, ordering drinks, and ordering food.

I believe they may share responsibilities here which I love! We both ordered our favorite soda, ginger ale, and an appetizer of the hummus casserole to start! Our drinks came out promptly and our appetizer was around 5-10 minutes! The Hummus Casserole was baked with fresh tomatoes and a uniquely delicious kashar cheese! It was so much better than I expected.

The hummus (bean dip like) part was warm, easy to spread, and topped with a melted, gooey, cheese. It honestly reminded me do a bean burrito type filling you dip their soft, fresh, bread into. You should definitely give this appetizer a try! I wasn’t too hungry this night for anything large and I had been really wanting to try the chicken soup out! I knew I would like it so I ordered the bowl size!

The soup came out hot and yummy! I loved the chunks of chicken and noodles along with all of the seasonings and spices! The soup also had a faint taste of lemon and perhaps a bit of yogurt (not too much) just enough to make it the slightest bit creamy! My friend ordered the Doner kebab sandwich which came thinly sliced, and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a side of yogurt sauce!

The meat had a great lamb and beef flavor and was seasoned perfectly! His sandwich came with a white bean salad served chilled and a tabbouleh salad. Both were very nicely prepared, flavored, and portioned. We will definitely return to this spot for its quality food, proximity to downtown, friendly employees, and most importantly the awesome, authentic, Turkish food!

We’ve been here quite a few times over the years and it is simply amazing. Service is always quick and comfortable, and the food is simply amazing. We tried the array of meats today and every one of them was delicious. The one dessert you …

Picked up a kabab dish for lunch. The meat was good though not sure if it got cold quick or was not freshly made. The kebab had a good flavor. The rice was tasty, hummus the same and the dressing on the salad was devine. Light, tasty, and perfect. The bread was not the expected pita style bread but still decent.


This place is pretty good. Lunch veggie platter was really good and portions were sizable. Lunch prices are great for the amount of food you get. Lentil soup was solid and the yogurt appetizer was also yummy. They have vegetarian options. Prices go up for dinner. Would definitely recommend and return

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