Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant Washington DC

Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant in Washington DC Very well kept and accessible spot. They offer generous portions and for economical rates. I liked the menu very much and the staff were very friendly and explanatory. I recommend this place.

  • Name : Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant
  • Worktime : , , 12:00-9:00 p.m.
  • Type : Jamaican food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $$
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Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant Address :

5329 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011،

Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant Phone number :


Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant Washington DC

Best seller :

Chicken Wings
curry goat
ox tails,
chicken dumplings
brown soup

Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant Menu :

Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant Menu

Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant Menu

Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant Menu

Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

The vegan jerk and bbq is out of this world! The vegan Mac and cheese is also phenomenal! I wish we could have tried the broccoli tempura but they were all out because it’s so popular. Next time! We’ll be back soon!

Customer service was terrible. The girl who took my order was unprofessional and rude to me for no reason. I order from carribbean restaurants all the time, and this is the only one that did not include potatoes in my curry chicken and no sauce at all. I shouldn’t even have spent my money there. Good customer service is important.

comment2 :

This is my favorite place to eat in DC! The vegan mac and cheese is the best I’ve ever eaten, and the vegan jerk and multitude of delicious sides make the entire meal absolutely fantastic. The portions are also massive – one $15 meal can easily be turned into two meals. My only complaint is that I wish they had the vegan mac available to purchase every day!

comment 3 :

I’ve never eaten at the restaurant so I can’t speak to customer service. My deliveries have been well portioned and tasty. The cabbage is usually nice and tender even though it may lack seasoning. The jerk chicken is hit or miss in terms of freshness and definitely spicy.
Great vegetarian options… a little pricey… paid half the price in Jamaica… Staff’s personality is dry, no smiles, short answers and seemed bothered when customers ask questions. Popular food runs out quickly, you pay more for Caribbean food in DC.

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