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Surfside Washington This place is on our regular rotation: fresh, low price, & satisfying. Always, always, always a good value/quality. Quicker service (picking-up online order) than most. A bit inconsistent: missing beans one night, but then, missing peppers another evening.

Surfside Washington  Address 

1800 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Surfside Washington  Phone number


Best seller 

Island bowl,  grilled salmon,  Shrimp spring roll ,  fish tacos , tres leches cake

Surfside Washington Menu

Surfside Washington Menu

Surfside Washington  new Menu

Surfside usa Menu

Surfside usa new Menu



Visitors’ Comments

Comment 1 :

By far one of my favorite taco places! Big servings and wonderful atmosphere! They use extremely fresh ingredients which print a lot to flavor to the tacos! I am not the biggest fan of the rice side, but the tacos are so good it makes up for it. Can’t wait to go back!

Comment 2 :

Was looking for a bite at 1am and found this place on google….good variety and super quick to get stuff. Not a ‘restaurant’ guys so either take-away or eat outside. A few chairs inside (I was lucky enough to get one though). Nice variety!

Comment 3 :

Loved the RIO platter. I have to keep going back till I smash the entire menu.

Comment 4 :

I had the El Paso pork taco, the seasonal fried fish taco and the steak taco. They were all great!
It’s not a easy location to park and there is limited seating but this is mainly grab and go.

Comment 5 :

This is the best place in DC for tacos, quesadillas, and the like. The Malibu tacos come in blue corn tortillas and a big mound of buttered rice. The ingredients are all fresh, like they were just picked that day. They also serve delicious horchata and agua fresca. They even have good flan and tres leches cake!
Surfside  Menu

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