Sushi Taro Restaurant Washington DC

Sushi Taro Restaurant in Washington DC Service is kind and courteous. The atmosphere give a classic Japanese restaurant vibe with lots of lacquered wood. Amazing experience. A MUST try.

  • Name : Sushi Taro Restaurant
  • Worktime : 5:00am -9:30PM
  • Type : Japanese food restaurant
  • Assessment : 4.4
  • Prices : $$$$
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Sushi Taro Restaurant Address :

1503 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20036،

Sushi Taro Restaurant Phone number :


Sushi Taro Restaurant Washington DC

Best seller :

kaiseki meals



Sushi Taro Restaurant Menu :

Sushi Taro Restaurant Menu

Sushi Taro Restaurant Menu

Sushi Taro Restaurant Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

They tried to keep things clean (Had a gadget that disinfect the menu). Some what spacious for the size of the restaurant. Relatively not that expensive for a Michelin star restaurant. The fish was really fresh and the selection was good. Service was ok (no complaints…)

comment 2 :

Great sushi, great service. Does come at a price but with it, especially for a special date night. We did the 8 course testing menu and enjoyed every dish.Always superb service and amazing sushi. It has been a few years since I’ve been here and the quality has not dismished at all. Highly recommend.
comment 3 :
I’ve been here several times for the kaiseki, once for the Omakase at the counter, and once for a pop-by lunch at the counter at the front of the restaurant, and every time is divine. This is a consistently 5-star place with super fresh seafood, beautiful plating, excellent service, and the works. Definitely recommend it for special occasion meals! The hochija pudding is one of the most perfect desserts I’ve ever had.
comment 4:
My favorite sushi spot in DC…So far. Great cuts of fish, always fresh, rice is on point. Service is great and the restaurant is clean and aesthetically pleasing. They have seasonal offerings as well. Fairly expensive, but for the quality justifies the price point. Highly recommend for anyone wanting some higher end sushi without breaking the bank

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