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Tabaq Restaurant A no frills Pakistani restaurant with an amazing and flavorful food menu. Which is limited but whatever is on the menu for the day is the best! The biryani is to die for and so is the goat curry! I was blown away by the taste.

Tabaq Restaurant

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.0
  • pricing: $$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Tabaq Restaurant phone number: +13129441245

Tabaq Restaurant chicago

Biryani was very good; straight from the pot and in my hands in less than 5 min. Rice was very flavorful and I found some spices in it such as cardamom, bay leaf, etc. chicken was fall off the bone tender. I put on some green spicy chutney which gave a good mild spicy. They prefer cash or Zelle.

Menu Tabaq Restaurantmenu Tabaq Restaurant chicagoTabaq Restaurant Menu

Tabaq is Bengali & Indian traditional 100% Halal restaurant. Also good to know restaurant basement has full prayer room. So Muslim brothers and sisters take deshi test and finish your pray. It is in the Chicago Downtown. Parking? Yes it’s a big issue in downtown area but for the short park close to the Tabaq restaurant will get Jewel-Osco big parking lot. Hope you are responsible.

I had an incredibly delightful dining experience at this restaurant! The food was exceptionally tasty, and the portions were so generous that one platter easily satisfied two hungry appetites. Not only was the price reasonable, but the owner’s friendly demeanor made the entire visit even more enjoyable. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to indulge in delicious food while being treated with warmth and hospitality.

It seems like a quiet place and it’s a bit tucked away, but it’s worth it to check it out. Just head straight to the counter upon entering. The food is amazing, the people behind the counter were pleasant. They patiently explained to us what the dishes were. The spice levels were just right, it was just great. The prices are very affordable too. We had biryani and a goat dish I’m not sure what it’s called, but it was definitely a good recommendation. The Naan was also pretty legit. For sure, we’ll be back!

The place was really good in terms of the food first of all, but more importantly, their service. These guys have a separate place where you can offer prayer and it felt like I was in a masjid, felt so auspicious. The wonderful part of my visit there was their generous gesture.

I had miscalculated and paid more for the food and went out, I was sitting in the car when one of the person came looking for me to return the extra $$ that I had paid. This is something rarely found these days, I could feel that he did it not do that out of fear that I may realize about the miscalculation and approach them, but instead, out of his conscience.

Basically the best for Indian food especially if you looking in and around downtown. But if you looking for great ambience & cleanliness & assuming to be one among the restaurants in downtown then it’s not. It’s typically DESI environment & weekends are completely chaotic. It does not mean it’s unhygienic. It’s super clean on weekdays.
For the Non Desi’s you might not like it but you will definitely love the Food.
Friendly staff. Especially the lady during the day time. Typical desi nukad(corner) style environment


This place is good. I love it because i could not find a prayer masjid for women nearby and this restaurant had a prayer section for men and woman. They stop everything when prayer times come and they pray together. So far better than missing my prayer.


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