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Taco Bell Restaurant North Carolina 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Experience a Fiesta of Flavors"

Taco Bell Restaurant North Carolina Fast-food chain serving Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, quesadillas & nachos.

Taco Bell Restaurant North Carolina

  • Rating of 5 stars: 3.3 
  • pricing: $
  • Menu: click Here
  • Taco Bell Restaurant North Carolina phone number: +19195447954

Taco Bell Restaurant North Carolina

Food was good especially the grilled chicken burrito. We took a combo family pack and could choose what combinations we wanted. I love their cheese dip for nachos too. Overall, it was a good experience. However, I find that the tables doesn’t get cleaned often so I gave 1 less star for atmosphere. Otherwise everything was good.

Taco Bell Restaurant MenuTaco Bell Restaurant North Carolina Menu

I must have picked the busiest time of day to get my meal. The line inside wrapped 3/4 of the store and drive through was all the way around. I was thinking about going somewhere else but wanted to use the bathroom. Seriously, when I got out of the bathroom, 2/3 of the line was gone. (Max 3 minutes) I had my meal in less than 5! They’re good!!

This is by far the best taco bell I’ve been to. Consistently the people are nice, the food is actually made properly, and the orders are correct. Understanding how lousy the typical taco bell is really makes this one shine all the better. For example, the one off Miami in Durham is probably the worst I’ve been to. Funny how they’re so close yet so far.

Staff was polite, offering to cook either breakfast or lunch due to the time of my arrival. The food was hot, the Pepsi was cold, and for what I’ve come to expect from Taco Bell, I was actually impressed. No complaints at all.

In the past 6 months this has become one of the best Taco Bells I have ever been to. It has been so great that I have bought gift cards from this location to give to others just to try and support this location more. The cooks especially have been killing it and I hope the efforts of employees at this location have not gone unnoticed.

i’ve started coming to this taco bell recently because it’s right in the middle of my commute between work and home. the staff has been really nice to me! the food is always really good. this taco bell does a good job with making sure your food is hot and fresh. my coworkers and i have gone a couple of times already during lunch, and i never feel like the wait is long at all. it helps to be able to order from the digital kiosks. i think this is one of the better taco bells in the triangle.

I was ordering in the drive thru. Pleasant staff, order was correct, didn’t mind the wait, it’s Christmas Eve. The place was open. I even tried the wild cherry strawberry freeze. Great taste but not for me. Too costly and small when substituting for drink which comes with the order.

Food was good and the normal for Taco Bell. Did a mobile order for pickup inside to avoid the drive thru line but the inside was locked. They were missing one of my items and at first received the wrong drink but they fixed it when I complained about it. Overall an average experience.


I have worked for different General Managers and I have to say I have the best boss of all. Kind, compassionate and actually listens! Friendly to the customers and all of us too. He treats everyone with respect. Asmar Wilson is a great mentor, boss and leader I love working there.

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