Tahini Restaurant San Diego

Tahini Restaurant San Diego Owner confirmed that beef is hand slaughtered zabihah halal, got the beef shawarma in pita, very tasty, with garlic sauce and sriracha tahini. You can get whatever veggies you like, tasted pretty good with pickles.

  • Name :  Tahini Restaurant San Diego
  • Worktime :  11AM–8PM
  • Type : mediterranean food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $
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Tahini Restaurant San Diego Address :

9119 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Suite H, San Diego

Tahini Restaurant San Diego number :


Tahini Restaurant San Diego

Best seller :

Really delicious food! I absolutely loved the option to build your own salad, bowls, and pitas! It’s actually one of the reason I decided to choose this place. The food did not disappoint. Inside was also really clean. No seating inside but there was outside. I also ordered my food online and picked it up. My ONLY wish was that they offered lamb BUT either way I will definitely return!

Tahini Restaurant San Diego Menu :

  Tahini Restaurant San Diego menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

Great fast food middle eastern style. You pick your protein, then if you want a Pita sandwich, rice bowl, salad bowl, or half and half. Then you get to choose between a variety of sauces and toppings at no extra cost. I usually go with half chicken, cilantro Tahini, garlic sauce, ztatziki, and a bunch of peppers and onions. Fantastic food and service! There is usually plenty of parking. They are next to the Navy recruitment office.

comment 2 :

Amazing. Just amazing. Came from Bay Area for a trip. Went out of good food for 3 days. Tried most of the Mediterranean food in San Diego and didn’t like any. and finally found this gem. Had a chicken rice bowl and the sauces were perfect. The chicken was perfect and the staff were perfect too. Shout out to the staff.! Wohoo you guys rock.

comment 3 :

So frikkin delicious and surprisingly filling. I’m a big guy and still could barely finish the bowl even after a long day at work! Customer service is A-1. Meo was so kind and always wore a smile at a very busy time. Ofcourse they’re known …

Comment 4 :

Tried tahini for the first time today for lunch. Ordered through the online system, which was easy and intuitive to use. A 30 minute wait was estimated, however, upon my early arrival, the staff found my order in the queue and got it moving asap. Excellent customer service all around and a nice looking facility to boot. I quite enjoyed the decor and the serving line set up was top notch. I ordered the chicken shawarma bowl for myself with half rice, half salad. I wasn’t sure what to choose for toppings, so went with the cilantro tahini, garlic sauce and all the fixings, minus olives and turnips. The food was solid but not revelatory. Sizing was appropriate for the cost, ratio of toppings to salad/rice was good, chicken wasn’t dry (which sometimes happens with shawarma), but I finished my food thinking that my favorite component from the whole thing was the garlic sauce. The chicken flavoring wasn’t as powerful as I would have liked, and I didn’t get any herbaceous punch out of the cilantro tahini. I left the experience thinking that I’d be glad to have the food for a catered lunch, but may not specifically seek it out for myself when I’m craving Mediterranean.

Tahini Restaurant

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