Texas de Brazil Restaurant Schaumburg 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Discover Brazilian Cuisine in Schaumburg"

Texas de Brazil Restaurant Schaumburg Excellent food and a unique experience. Price has increased, but still a reasonable deal for lunch. Can seat large groups pretty easily and the buffet and food option makes it easy to eat quickly.

Texas de Brazil Restaurant Schaumburg

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
  • pricing: $$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Texas de Brazil Restaurant Schaumburg phone number: +18474168777

Texas de Brazil Restaurant

Upscale Brazilian eatery featuring all-you-can-eat grilled meat carved tableside & a salad bar. Great place for meat and parties. One star off because the service is not the best, the servers kinda hang out in the corner just talking to each other and come out to serve when they feel like it. However, the food is great! Also, don’t force yourself to eat a meat that you don’t like.

It’s best to fill yourself up with the meats of your choice. You can also ask the server for a specific cook and type of meat. I asked the server for well-done flank for my kids while I just had the medium rare cuts.

The meat server will cut the respective parts. If you’re familiar with Brazilian steakhouse then you will have an idea of what to expect. Texas de Brazil is slightly upscale when it comes to the ambiance and food. Service is excellent.

Texas de Brazil Restaurant Schaumburg menu

My favorite restaurant to celebrate a special holiday or anniversary. The location is decorated beautifully and there are lots of great buffet options and meat selections. Save money by dining in during lunch time. My husband takes a day off of work and we really enjoy ourselves. We eat so much we end up skipping dinner if we eat here at lunch. Brazilian style steakhouse. In the price you get included, the full Buffet of salads, soups, and sides. The meat is brought around to the table. Five or six different styles of steak, pork, lamb, chops, and chicken. The food is very good. But I must say this place is a little bit over priced.

Gets pretty crowded at times but service is always good. Waiter asks if we need certain meats to come around, makes sure drinks are topped off, food is delicious and plentiful for sure. Great selection of salad bar items. Love the beef rib, filet mignon and picanha. Went for my birthday.

This place is incredible. However, more so because the service was outstanding. When we asked for a nicer table, we were immediately accommodated and the staff swiftly found us a more private seat. We were really grateful to our servers Tony and Jeff (Chino) for going above and beyond to make sure we sampled all the meats. If you haven’t eaten at Texas de Brazil, I would highly suggest it.

Made it just a few minutes before lunch and they were kind enough to seat us within a minute or two. Gauchos made their rounds frequently without wait. Staff was friendly. Food was fresh and hot. All around a great experience. Great lunch break! We don’t come here often, but when we do, we always savor the experience. It is a bit pricey, but I think it’s worth every penny. Salad was good.

Lobster bisque soup is delicious. I love lamb chops and sirloin steaks. All the meat I’ve tried were amazingly scrumptious. Tender, succulent, flavorful, and just perfect to my palate. Service was great, too. I truly enjoyed coming to this place.

This place was Amazing It was my first time going, and I would definitely go again. I can’t say enough about it.. Besides you should go on an on empty stomach. The servers were so attentive and seem to always know what I wanted before I even knew. I would think.. Hhmmm I need a knifeot or fork.. Our server would show up. No kidding when the card is flipped to green the meat keeps coming.. Yes, it does and it’s delious piece of meat. We had flan and turtle cheesecake which were not the best.

Despite dessert not being included they are expensive at $17.00 a each, you’re paying more for the experience.. I would say skip the dessert!the salad bar was large and had a good variety of options.. I would think of this restaurant as more of a celebration, anniversaries, birthday occasion. It’s definitely an upscale buffet and you will leave ready to pop!

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