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The French Laundry

The French Laundry Restaurant Food enthusiasts are consistently drawn to this stone farmhouse by Chef Thomas Keller’s sophisticated fixed-price meals. In the early 1990s, Chef Thomas Keller visited Yountville, California, with a longstanding culinary dream of establishing a destination for fine French cuisine in the Napa Valley.

During his exploration, he discovered a charming two-story stone cottage in the town. The French Laundry Restaurant a 1,600 square-foot structure built in 1900, originally served as a saloon and later operated as a French steam laundry in the 1920s.

Acquiring the restaurant in 1994, Chef Keller fulfilled his vision. The daily-changing menu at The The French Laundry Restaurant is dedicated to offering classic French cuisine, featuring the finest quality ingredients and an unwavering commitment to impeccable guest service.

Since 2007, The French Laundry Restaurant has received three stars from the Michelin Guide, making Chef Thomas Keller the only American-born chef with two three-starred Michelin restaurants.

In 2007, the James Beard Foundation honored The French Laundry with the “Outstanding Restaurant Award,” and Chef Thomas Keller received the “Outstanding Restaurateur” award.

Since then, the restaurant has consistently earned the Wine Spectator Grand Award. As a member of French-based Relais & Chateaux, Relais Gourmands, and Traditions & Qualité, The French Laundry aligns with organizations renowned for upholding the highest international standards in hospitality and culinary excellence.

The French Laundry Restaurant


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  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
  • pricing: $$$$
  • Menu: Show the daily menu
  • The French Laundry phone number: +17079442380

Lucky enough to score reservations – what a wonderful experience! We’ve travelled to Yountville before and were in awe of The French Laundry’s garden and mysterious, quaint restaurant wondering what it’d be like to dine there. The history of this restaurant is enough to make the visit in my opinion.

The food is very traditional and meticulously plated. You’re able to pair wine with your courses that fit your budget, lower end being ~$350 up to $1k+. My personal favorite was the oyster and pearls and ‘everything bagel’ cone. So tiny but packed with so much flavor.

Our server was phenomenal. Although there were multiple we had one primary and he was warm, humorous and made my dreams come true – arranging for us to meet Chef Keller himself! I think I blacked out afterwards from awe and excitement but do remember their desserts were phenomenal.

Don’t eat a few hours before, and plan to stay at minimum 2.5 -3 hours. If you’re looking for a great place to stay within walking distance, The North Block Hotel is great!

The French Laundry Restaurant Menu


menu The French Laundry Restaurant


The French Laundry phone number

I don’t think I am a good enough wordsmith to do this restaurant justice. Everything was amazing and over the top. They plan your visit and want to make it personal for you.

Chef David was incredible and even spent time with us. The food was so impressive and I see why this is a 3 star Michelin. The wait staff worked as a team so well and were very attentive to any needs or requests. It’s expensive, but you won’t be sorry you spent the money.

The French Laundry proved to be the epitome of fine dining, with each course outshining the last in an elegant ballet of flavors and presentation.

The setting was a tranquil backdrop to the culinary masterpieces that graced our table. Attentive service was the golden thread throughout the evening, with each staff member displaying a deep understanding of the menu and wine pairings.

The wines, each a chosen companion to Keller’s creations, were poured with a sommelier’s precision and a storyteller’s passion. The “OYSTERS AND PEARLS” was a revelation— a dish that will linger in my memory as the epitome of gastronomic perfection.

The sabayon of pearl tapioca provided a delicate cushion for the Island Creek Oysters, while the Regiis Ova Caviar offered a burst of the sea, each spoonful surpassing the last in taste and texture. Equally amazing was the “CARNAROLI RISOTTO BIOLOGICO.”

The dish was a showcase for the Alba white truffles, which were generously shaved on top at the table, releasing their intoxicating aroma. The earthy truffles paired with the creamy risotto created an ensemble of flavors so rich and satisfying, it was as if the dish provided a direct connection to the Italian truffle fields.

The selected wines, particularly the crisp MODICUM Blanc de Blancs, elevated the “OYSTERS AND PEARLS,” while the robust PHILIPPE LIVERA Gevrey-Chambertin provided a beautiful contrast to the rich risotto.

As the evening came to a gentle close with a series of sumptuous desserts, each paired with the sweet serenade of KRACHER Beerenauslese Cuvée, it was clear that The French Laundry Restaurant didn’t just serve food, it curated an experience that was as unforgettable as it was unmatched.

In reflection, the evening at The French Laundry was a symphonic celebration of culinary excellence, an experience that will be etched in my palate and heart forever.

Truly a unique dining experience, we went with my sister and her husband to celebrate their anniversary, and the menus were customized with their names, such a nice touch. With 13 courses throughout 3hrs, I can say that this was a special dinner and served with so much care and thought.

Each dish was delicious and we were so full by the end of it. We ended with a tour of the kitchen and some French Laundry shortcake biscuits/menus to take home. Would probably be the only time we could ever go, but it was so worth the experience.

Finally was able to secure a reservation here and it definitely lived up to the hype. There were numerous menu items that I had never had before but they were all amazing.

Each bite was an experience in itself as the flavors and textures were perfectly balanced. The presentation was beautiful and the servers explained each dish while answering any questions we had.

The wine list is the most extensive I’ve seen but I was a bit surprised that our bottle was not presented to us and opened at the table – not a big deal for us but I can see some people being disappointed by that.

Dessert was made up of a handful of different dishes and a box of various chocolates were presented to us afterwards. We received our menus and two tins of sugar cookies to take home and were able to tour the kitchen on our way out. You’ll need to plan ahead and be well-prepared to make a reservation as they become available for the following month on the first of the current month.

Ex. September reservations become available on August 1st on Tock. You can join a waitlist if you miss out but the odds of getting a reservation that way are slim to none. Highly recommended if you can get a reservation and well worth the price tag as you get what you pay for and then some.


The French Laundry Restaurant usa

I already had high expectations for The French Laundry before dining and it exceeded every one of them. It was truly one of the most unique culinary experiences.

The pre-fixed menu that was put together was outstanding. From the famous Oysters and Pearls all the way to the assortment of desserts, every dish was flawless!

The staff members were courteous and well informed about every item on the menu as well. Getting a chance to speak to Chef Keller had been the biggest highlight of the entire evening. Hoping to make it back again soon!

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