The Greek Spot Washington DC

The Greek Spot Washington DC has a quick service and friendly cashier. Great food , great service , friendly staff and cheap prices. Serves is fast. Food is delicious. highly recommend.

  • Name : The Greek Spot
  • Worktime : 11:00am-10:30pm
  • Type : greek restaurant
  • Assessment : 4.4
  • Prices : $
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The Greek Spot Washington DC Address :

2017 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001،

The Greek Spot Washington DC Phone number :


The Greek Spot Washington DC

Best seller :

Athenian chicken


feta sauce


The Greek Spot in Washington DC  Menu :

The Greek Spot Menu

The Greek Spot Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

The Greek Spot offers a wide array of good-tasting menu options. A long time dc favorite for straight forward, casual, very tasty greek food. A great quick lunch on the patio or to go. The vegetables tasted fresh, the seasoning on the fries was fantastic, and the meat was well-seasoned and tender. Food was ready quickly and the staff were responsive and knowledgeable about menu questions. Amazing vegan steak and cheese and fries. Lots of other great vegan options too. I highly recommend.

comment 2 :

Been craving a lamb/beef gyro and after hearing many good reviews about this spot I gave it a try today. All things considered with this quarantine going on I had to take out the food which was simply delicious! Great portion of meat in the gyro platter, and the fries and salad were delicious. Tzatziki sauce is homemade and light and a compliment to the meat, pita and salad.

comment 3 :

A great neighborhood restaurant… Really good quality food at a reasonable price point. Flipping love this beautiful gem in DC. Incredible food and their fries are to die for! Highly recommend this place. Order more than you can eat and have it the next day. Their flavors are spot on!!

comment 4 :

Great Greek food in a cute little place. Picked up a gyro platter for takeout on my way home from work today and it was delicious! I didn’t care for the orzo that came with it, but the gyro meat, the bread, and the salad were all great.

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