The Purple Cow Restaurant Arkansas 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Burgers, Shakes, and More: The Purple Cow in Arkansas"

The Purple Cow Restaurant Arkansas Casual, retro-style diner dishing burgers, shakes & onion rings in a kid-friendly space.

The Purple Cow Restaurant Arkansas

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • The Purple Cow Restaurant Arkansas phone number: +15012244433

The Purple Cow Restaurant

My husband is working in Little Rock Arkansas and he wanted a good place to eat for lunch so I googled and this place came up 7 minutes from his work site and he just said the food was amazing he got a club sandwich his co worker got a knife burger they said they will definitely be back

The Purple Cow Restaurant Arkansas menumenu The Purple Cow Restaurant ArkansasThe Purple Cow Restaurant menu

The food was good. The service was good. The rating is lower bc I was given condiments to put on instead of the kitchen doing it. Makibg a burger is really a form of art, as is a most culinary recipes. The one issue here is the burger is never as good when I have to put mustard, mayo, etc on myself when it is delivered to the table.

I’m not a burger maker and Part of the art of a great burger is placing condiments in the right place in the right quantity. For instance, mayo should be on the bread in my opinion. It was impossible for me to do that as it would tear up the bun due to the cheese. I would eat there again bc the food was good, but I really don’t like having to put my own condiments on, and the burgers are expensive enough that I shouldn’t have to.

First time coming here. I like how the restaurant is set up like an old time diner. It wasn’t too crowded. The staff was super friendly. Now for the burger, I tried the Supreme bacon burger with all the fixings and was actually GOOD! I
also had their famous purple shake omg it was the best shake I’ve ever had!!! (I didn’t get a pic). If you like the feel of an old school diner & food, you’ll love this place. however the tables are a little too close to the booths for my liking. But overall it’s a nice restaurant with
good service and even better food!

Hannah is the most awesome of the most awesome maker of hot fudge sundaes! They literally are works of art! She is always so cheerful and pleasant. I’ve had the pleasure to have her serve me one of her masterpieces a few times and each and every one have been amazing. It’s so nice to have someone so consistently in such a good mood serving the public.

We came with a group of 20+ with several being kids. I believe our servers name was Jonathan. He was on top of everything. Took our orders quickly and got everything out to us correctly. Drinks stayed filled up and he was able to keep up with the kids trying to order shakes. I think our whole group was very impressed at the service we received. Plus, the food was good as usual

Food was great, server was adorable. Buuut, it looked like they had had a bunch of tables with really messy kids in there. The floor was a mess and a bit sticky, there were menus on the floor and under our table. I was almost afraid to touch anything.

I realize it’s a restaurant geared towards children, but there were people standing around that could have helped clean the dining room up a little. With that being said, I love this place and will continue to eat there, I was just a little disappointed in the cleanliness this visit. Everything else about our experience was perfect of course!


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