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The Restaurant at Meadowood

The Restaurant at Meadowood California resort’s eatery offering custom tasting menus of fine Californian fare plus wine pairings.

The Restaurant at Meadowood California

The Restaurant at Meadowood California address

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.4
  • pricing: $$$$
  • Menu: click Here
  • The Restaurant at Meadowood California phone number: +17079671205

The Restaurant at Meadowood California Reviews

For our 20th anniversary we chose 20 of the best restaurants in the Bay Area. Meadowood is clearly one of the best, but not 5 stars for both of us.

Meadowood is definitely at the top end of high-end restaurants, and the man at the gate assumed we were heading to the grill when we pulled up in our 15-year-old Minivan for dinner.

Certainly that was a safe assumption considering the cost of a meal here. Meadowood is exactly what you expect from a top quality restaurant. Everything about the experience is polished.

After the meal we were even invited to tour the amazing kitchen and found out that you can have a special meal in there! We had a huge variety of dishes, many of which were the best of their kind among all the great restaurants we have been to.

Like others have mentioned in their reviews the desserts are not quite up to par with the rest of the meal. The Oil Oil Pudding we had was great, but the candied garden was not special.

Why not 5 stars? Certainly the meal and experience at the restaurant were 5 star quality, however my wife had severe stomach issues after the meal. She often had stomach issues after these large tasting menus, but this was beyond that.

I had no issues at all, and the meal had so many different items that impossible to know what the problem was.

The Restaurant at Meadowood Menu

The Restaurant at Meadowood California Menu

Oh my word! My sweetheart got us a reservation at the Chef’s Table in the Kitchen, and were we ever treated to every conceivable delight the restaurant has to offer!?

I’m really sorry I can’t tell you much, as things were very rapid-fire as staff brought one thing and then another, and we were treated to bits of delightfulness that were “extra” of what went out to the tables in the dining room. This place is worthy of the most special occasion, and I was extremely fortunate that my significant other wanted to share an evening with me, and The Restaurant at Meadowood. Just look at these photos and try not to find your mouth watering!

Wholeheartedly deserves all three of its Michelin stars. Unlike other restaurants of this caliber that I have visited the restaurant at Meadowood focuses on presenting ingredients in their whole and nearly complete form.

The creativity and effort that goes into each dish is stunning. Service operated like a highly coordinated and well-oiled machine.

The parking can be a bit difficult if there is another event like a wedding taking place at the same time. Plus tax and tip a bit over $700 makes this a place that I will only visit once every decade or so but I’m glad that I came.

I’ve been to the Meadowood twice and it continues to be a Yountville favorite. The restaurant focus on quality over quantity with thoughtful dishes driven by fresh ingredients.

We attended one of their 12 days of Christmas holiday dinners featuring guest chefs. The meal was fabulous, integrating flavors from the guest chef with favorite Meadowood classics.

My wife and I came to Meadowood for our anniversary. Our first night we ate at “The Restaurant”. We enjoyed a multi-course meal with wine pairing that was outstanding! The small bites were imaginative and all from the restaurants own farm.

I don’t eat eggplant, but I did this particular night and it was fantastic. I didn’t want to be inconsiderate to our dining partners. Wow! perfectly cooked and full of flavor. Clearly Chef Christopher Kostow is a talented chef. Eating at restaurants offering gastronomic fare can get tiring. Chef Kostow’s farm to table fare is a wonderful change.

Especially since the food is sooooo wonderfully prepared. The Koji souffle’ was a perfect desert to close out the dining experience. Should you find yourself in the St. Helena area and want to have an outstanding meal at a world class location, dine at The Restaurant at Meadowood.

Thank you chef Kostow. Service was first rate! The wait staff was attentive at the right moments without being invasive. Polite and professional in every manner. Each course was delivered with perfect timing and at a pace not to rush the evening.

Due to Covid-19, our table was located to an outside venue in a private area with wall to wall lawn and an outdoor fireplace. The tables were more than adequately spaced allowing a feeling of safe environment and private conversation.

Honestly, my wife and I enjoyed the outdoor dining more so than indoor. The service was “outstanding” and went well beyond expectations.


The Restaurant at Meadowood California phone number

We had dinner inside the kitchen and got to see the disciplined team work and skilled chefs working side-by-side. The best part was perhaps actually engaging with the waiters and cooks as they were all stellar people with interesting backgrounds. We had fun conversations alongside excellent food.

The atmosphere of having dinner inside the kitchen is special and I’ve only done this at Alexander Steakhouse before in the past when they were still doing it. Head and sous are also very involved with their craft, was totally involved the whole time with perfecting each dish… Would definitely recommend due to fine dining and service.


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