Troika Gastronom Restaurant Washington DC

Troika Gastronom Restaurant Washington DC Great restaurant and grocery store with plenty of Russian and Eastern European items to choose from. Very clean and the atmosphere is cool.

  • Name :  Troika Gastronom Restaurant
  • Worktime : , 12:00–9:00 PM
  • Type :  Russian food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $
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Troika Gastronom Restaurant Washington DC Address :

169 Hillwood Ave, Falls Church, VA 22046

Troika Gastronom Restaurant Washington DC Phone number :



 Troika Gastronom Restaurant Washington DC

Best seller :

Kiev chicken and duck
Potato mushroom

Lamb shank
White rice and vegetables

Troika Gastronom Restaurant Washington DC

 Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

I celebrated my birthday earlier this evening in this great place. happy to tell that it was a superb evening and the restaurant was certainly the reason for that successful event. The team contributed in a graceful manner, the cuisine was appetizing and my buddies were so thrilled. We shall absolutely return for more joyful events. thanks very much.

comment 2 :

It is very delicious and the price is decent. Definitely try hearing under the coat and sirniki. They are very delicious. My American friend couldn’t wait for me to take a pic and tried everything before and love it. Definitely to come back
.My family enjoyed celebrating Mother’s Day at this cozy light -filled restaurant. The live violin music was versatile and very appropriate for ambiance. The prices (total $67) and the service were excellent. We all enjoyed the refreshing berry drink called compote. Kids liked meat and cabbage pirozhki as appetizers. 

comment 3:

The pirozki and baked trout was delicious. Fish was perfectly cooked and juicy on the inside. Good portion sizes on the entrees. Good ambiance with live music played friday and saturday.
My entree with trout came with choices of two sides (home made potatoes are to die for) and a shredded salad, and I enjoyed the variety of food as well as the presentation. Trout was moist and did not have any bones. My son loved the signature chicken dish. My daughter ordered lamb and rice meal and the generous size portion was enough for her to take half for lunch to school. Very reasonable prices especially taking into consideration the generous portions and quality ingredients
Troika Gastronom Restaurant Washington DC

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