Umaya Izakaya Washington DC

Umaya Izakaya Washington DC  It’s a decent Japanese restaurant that specializes in Izakaya (appetizer) fare. I ordered the Sushi / Sashimi and some Yakitori Skewers.

  • Name : Umaya Izakaya Restaurant
  • Worktime : 11:30AM-10:15PM
  • Type : Japanese food restaurant
  • Assessment : 4.0
  • Prices : $$
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Umaya Izakaya Restaurant  Address :

733 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Umaya Izakaya Washington DC Phone number :


Umaya Izakaya Washington DC

Best seller :

kaiseki meals



Umaya Izakaya Restaurant Menu :


Umaya Izakaya Restaurant Menu

Umaya Izakaya Menu

Umaya Izakaya Restaurant Menu

Umaya Izakaya Restaurant Menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

This is a criminally underrated restaurant in DC! The sushi was presented well and was packed with flavor, without needing to dip every roll into soy sauce. We also tried some grilled entrees like sea bass and an entire squid. Everything was delicious and pairs well with a Japanese whiskey or cocktail. The atmosphere is spacious and you never feel like you’re screaming at your friend across the table, during a dinner rush or otherwise.

comment 2 :

Absolutely Phenomenal! Every time I come to DC, I always make sure we come here! The service is top-notch and the food is spectacular! The sea bass and salmon skewers are TO DIE FOR! The lamb and short ribs are absolutely amazing. And ALL the sushi is just amazing. So fresh, so delicious! You will not be disappointed.
Solid place for rolls with great service and outdoor seating. I felt it was a bit pricey though. We ordered 2 rolls, 2 nigiri and some skewers. The chicken heart skewer was especially good! The rolls were well made with fresh fish and the rice ratio was good too.

comment 3 :

This Ramen place was really really good. Our server was very friendly and took very good care of us. Eveything that we ordered was tasty and cooked to perfection. It had its own unique taste. The Ramuné was amazing and had a bubble gum like taste and was refreshing. They had several flavours to choose from too. The pork dumplings were so sumptious and the Ramen and chicken yakisoba were ao tasty and filling. I would visit again also recommend this place to everyone. It was the day when I proposed my to be wife and it was also Valentine’s day. So this meal definitely made our day

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