Usmania Fine Dining Restaurant in chicago

Usmania Fine Dining Restaurant Food is great, just kind of expensive but I guess it makes sense because its a fine dining restaurant. Even though the food is still good, it feels like there has been a tremendous quality drop since 2010, back when I went there more actively.

  • Name :  Usmania Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Worktime : , ,12:00pM-11:00PM
  • Type : mediterranean food restaurant
  • Assessment :
  • Prices : $$
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Usmania Fine Dining Restaurant Address :

W Devon Ave, Chicago,

Usmania Fine Dining Restaurant number :


Best seller :

We tried biriyani form Usmania!! Chicken biriyani was okay, the mutton biriyani was better for sure!
The kababs are definitely tasty and flavorful!
The kheer is definitely worth trying here!!

Usmania Fine Dining Restaurant Menu :

 Usmania Fine Dining Restaurant menuUsmania Fine Dining Restaurant menuUsmania Fine Dining Restaurant menuUsmania Fine Dining Restaurant menu

Visitors’ Comments :

comment 1 :

Usmania is one of the finest desi restaurants in the Devon avenue/ Chicago area. Excellent food long waits times during weekends. They primarily serve pakistani/north indian food. Highly recommended the Chapli kebab, goat biriyani and Paya. And marks chai and Kashmiri chai are must try. Highly recommend must try.

comment2 :

Nihari and the kheer are one of the best in devon. They also have an extensive menu from traditional pakistani dishes and grill items and have a Chinese menu and steak and burgers. They also have outdoor seating and plenty of seating inside with social distance due to covid 19. Look out for deals like them on Facebook and they usually have special deals on certain days like BOGO offers or specials. Im giving them 5 stars based on the quality of food of nihari and kheer. Usmania has been around for a long time and some of the staff has been around for a long time. Most of the staff is nice and attentive considering desi restaurants are not consistent in service.

Comment 3 :

My first visit there after several years. They have upgraded their decor and added an outdoor seating option, what used to be the parking lot. Overall the quality of food is below average. We ordered their mixed barbecue plater that had lamb chops, chicken tikka and beef seekh kababs. Lamb was under cooked and did not taste like a barbecue item. It was not bad but tasted like as if someone took a piece of lambchop out of a lamb curry and presented is as a barbecue. We also ordered Peshawari Chicken. This was a variation of Chicken Krahi with extra oil. It was actually not bad with naan bread. Next thing was an order of their club sandwich. Sandwich was also average to maybe high average in quality. Chicken in the sandwich was dry but condiments were fresh. The best thing we had was the Matka Kheer. I would highly recommend the Kheer. Average dish was around $17 with exception of the platter. For two people we paid about $100. One thing that bothered me was they charge you for the water and it’s their way of making you order expensive drink items. Presentation of the food and ambions are good, but taste and service for the amount you pay there are subpar. If you are looking for an authentic Pakistani or Indian cuisine I will not recommend them


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