Villa Pizzeria Bar Ristorante Connecticut 2024 Amazing food

"Italian Delights Await at Villa Pizzeria in Connecticut"

Villa Pizzeria Bar Ristorante Connecticut Our favorite Italian place in CT. They have great service, amazing food and the staff is very friendly. Fresh ingredients and good atmosphere which all contribute to it being an amazing place to eat in.

Villa Pizzeria Bar Ristorante Connecticut

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.3
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Villa Pizzeria Bar Ristorante Connecticut phone number: +12033772033

Villa Pizzeria Bar Ristorante Connecticut

Don’t think twice about giving this place a try. We went here for a couple of slices for lunch. I had a Sicilian and a regular slice. Both plain cheese and some garlic knots. Both the two types of slices were outstanding. The crust on the regular slice is nice and thin.

The Sicilian had a great crust as well, both nice and crisp and not too doughy. The sauce they use is very flavorful and the cheese is excellent. The garlic knots were good but not as remarkable as the pizza. As an added bonus the staff was great.

Villa Pizzeria Bar Ristorante Connecticut MenuVilla Pizzeria Bar Ristorante MenuMenu Villa Pizzeria Bar Ristorante Connecticut

Since we arrived we had high expectations, the smells was very good. We ordered a large pizza Favorita to share, good size. Presentation was amazing, full of ingredients, crunchy and soft, but taste wise I am very disappointed, for the first time in my life I had to add salt to a pizza, both the dough and red marinara sauce were missing salt. Maybe it was a today problem? I’m not sure, they have good reviews and it seemed like a lot of pizza was picked up for takeout.

The Sicilian pizza is the best I’ve ever had, the sauce added on top adds a flavor that is to die for. The regular pies are very well made with just the right amount of cheese and fold perfectly easier eating, no bend or sag that dumps the toppings. Then there are the garlic knots, there’s enough garlic to flavor a whole pie which is fine by me. Excellent food for my tastes and I’ve been going there near fifteen years or so. If you want Italian, this is the place for you.

Villa is easily the best pizza in Stratford. Their menu offers many traditional Italian appetizers, salads & dinners, and Sicilian style pizza. The sauce & meatballs are homemade. Nelo & his family have been serving the best quality food for over a decade. Villa has a full bar – if you are waiting for a pick up order. They are on UberEats as well. 10/10 would recommend!

I absolutely love this place, the food is amazing every time – my favorite is always the seafood combo over pasta. Whenever you see the sacchetti on special, order it! It’s like an even more delicious version of ravioli and it’s to die for, especially in their cognac sauce. Their cocktail specials are also so good, the best spicy mango margarita I’ve ever had. Highly recommend this restaurant!

Food and service is excellent, place is always packed with people which indicates it’s a wonderfull place to eat, their meatball subs is out of this world!!!!! My 90 year old mother inlaw doesn’t like to eat at too many places, but I bought a sub to her from this restaurant and she loved it!!!!!…genuine Italian cuisine , staff is excellent, hard working and always willing to please. Albert is the best!!!!! Always a gentleman and very hard worker..


The food is great, the menu selections are abundant and the weekly specials are tempting. If you are dessert lover you will have a hard time trying decide which decedent choice to make. The owners making pizza always greet you with a warm …

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