Wild Goose Cafe Restaurant Wisconsin 2024 Beautiful food

"Discover the Untamed Flavors of Wisconsin"

Wild Goose Cafe Restaurant Wisconsin Excellent food. Price is right and plenty of truck parking. Great staff!

Wild Goose Cafe Restaurant Wisconsin

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.5
  • pricing: $$
  • Menu: click Here
  • Wild Goose Cafe Restaurant Wisconsin phone number: +19203451649

Wild Goose Cafe Restaurant

Interesting restaurant, It’s at a truck stop. The menu is short and simple but everything on the menu is very good and cooked right. Great burgers and the rest are all good food. I would suggest a larger menu with more plate dishes. the waitresses are friendly, courteous and very accommodating. Check them out and stop in and give them a try.

Wild Goose Cafe Restaurant menuWild Goose Cafe Restaurant Menu

Had the steak and eggs breakfast and ordered the steak rare, and it came out more done than medium rare, but otherwise really good food. My server was Josie, and she did great considering how many tables she was tending to. Then Emma rang out my ticket. Good service there as well. Really enjoyed the crew’s taste in music too. Was able to jam out to the B52’s “love shack” while enjoying breakfast.

Stopped here for breakfast and got Eggs Benedict. Cooked perfectly. Hash browns could have been crisper but that is probably my fault. I find that most places don’t cook them as well as I like if I don’t request it…. and I didn’t. But otherwise perfect.

And plenty of semi truck parking I got the $8.99 road trip burger that was topped with onion rings and a sauce that had a little kick to it served on a pretzel bun. It came with home made chips. Burger is cooked to order and came out the way I asked. Chips were good.

A driver recommended getting the chicken pot pie soup ($4.00) and it was really good too. A nice selection of what look like home made desserts to choose from. Service was friendly and there is a small bar of you want a drink.

Very Family atmosphere. I felt like I was in the movie Cars. Just waiting to bump into her. NOW THE FOOD???? OMG. OMlet was on point…I got the Travers. I love spinach. Hashbrown perfectly crisp on top nicely browned not over cooked. Oatmeal …I love the small side touch of brown sugar cup. Made me feel like I could ask for the winning lotto ticket and they respond mixed numbers or in complete order. All in all it was a wonderful breakfast. 1.5 months left in this year. I’m rating this one the best of the best 2022. I’m positive with a few months left in this year I won’t find a better place. P.s. Tip your waitress cheapies!

Pork steak was pretty good, cooked nicely with a real nice sear and flavor, I got crispy hash browns for the potatoes, and they were very good and actually crispy! The salad was underwhelming, lettuce, shredded cheese, a few small cherry tomatoes and some cucumber slices that were 12 hours from becoming liquid, the mixed veggies were of the same fate as the cucumbers, soggy, tasteless, and on their way out. Cheese curds for the app were really good as well. Will definitely be back!


It is a great place. Best biscuits & gravy I’ve had in a year! Service is just as important as the food. I’ve waited a long time to come in and enjoy this wonderful restaurant. Amongst some of the friendliest people on God’s great Earth. Word of happy mouths. It’s definitely worth stopping in. So delicious!

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