Zauq Halal Kitchen Maryland 2024 Delicious Restaurant

"Zauq Halal Kitchen: A Culinary Journey Through Halal Delights"

Zauq Halal Kitchen Maryland One of the best Halal food places in town Prices are very reasonable Delicious and fresh food Environment is great

Zauq Halal Kitchen Maryland

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
  • pricing: $
  • Zauq Halal Kitchen Maryland phone number: +14438933189

Zauq Halal Kitchen Maryland

Food tasted amazing and came quickly! We had the spicy zinger burger, rice platter and beef cheesestake. Finished off with the most perfect cup of chai. Prices are great as well. Nice and clean seating area. The workers eere friendly. Will definitely come again when in the area. Best best beeeessstttt loaded fries and fried chicken here. Its the closest to pakistani KFC you can enjoy here. It is amazing. Super economical and the owner is really friendly.

Zauq Halal Kitchen menumenu Zauq Halal Kitchenmenu Zauq Halal Kitchen MarylandZauq Halal Kitchen Maryland menu

I have tried fried food in US and some halal chicken options but I was always disappointed, either it would be too soggy or would have after-taste. This place had very fresh, juicy fried chicken. Almost like I have had back home at kfc. We also tried their chicken rice platter which was good too. Cherry on top , they have karak chai. Both cardamom and saffaron. Fries were an OK. Place is combo of jamba and zauq fried chicken. Ambience is very pleasant and restrooms were super clean . Will definitely recommend this place.

Great food for a very reasonable price. Service is reasonably fast, and staff is all very nice. The prices for entrées is very affordable and the portions are still sizable enough not to need multiple. Try their flatbread pizza, a new experience for me but very pleasant! Will be coming back.

The ambience is funky cafe style, you can enjoy freshly made food along with freshly squeezed juice from Jamba juice which is right in their restaurant. The food is great most of the time and you can even see them making food at the back.

Zinger burgers, spicy zinger, fries and tenders are best. I personally don’t prefer their gyro though. This restaurant has very friendly employees! And the location of this cool joint is easily accessible. They also have a jamba juice inside which I find to be very cool.

Attracting families and adolescents. I enjoyed the loaded fries! I got mine with chicken and ithe size of the appetizer does not disappoint (serves at least 2 people). I ordered I believe the lamb over rice. It was really pretty to look at (hehe). And it was full of dlavor too. I also ordered 6 wings and asked them to not flour them before frying. Im very happy they listened and helped a gluten intolerant sister out. Plenty of tables to choose from to sit at! Im so glad we were recommended to go try this place!

I must say aaaala to their Nashville Chicken Sandwich— it is the most Yummylicious sandwich you could ever hav. High quality food at a very neat and clean plan. They have tons of option to try on their menu including their Chicken Gyro the famous one they started with. Highly recommend if you are in that area.

Service was friendly, the establishment was definitely clean and the food was literally amazing. I’m definitely coming back next week for lunch. I got the loaded fries which has chicken, mozzarella cheese, Peppers Etc it was enough for three people  this is DEFF a spot to go if your trying to get some EXCELLENT food & relax


While in the area for business, I recently stopped by this establishment. I also try to go to smaller food establishments while traveling and I was not disappointed. I ordered the rice bowl with lamb and the food portion was good and the food was well seasoned. I would definitely be visiting again if in the area.

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