zaxbys restaurant washington dc

zaxbys restaurant washington dc It’s been the only good fast food place this whole year!!! Food is always good and hot and the people are friendly! Thx Zaxby!

zaxbys restaurant Address :

1400 Carolina Ave, Washington, NC 27889

  zaxbys restaurant  Phone number :


zaxbys restaurant washington dc

Best seller :

chicken salad

cobb salad

chicken sandwich

carb salad

  zaxbys restaurant Menu :

  zaxby's restaurant Menu


Visitors’ Comments :

Comment 1 :

Wonderful staff that always treated my family good. I love the kindness they give out. My favorite meal is the carb salad.

Yard is so good to get some chicken wings without get it and close that mess it might be high in Greenville but day I’m near New York

I was quite pleased they certainly represented the Zaxby’s name well!

Comment 2 :

The staff at this location are super nice, polite, and professional. The drive thru moves amazingly fast, and the food is always hot and fresh. It’s always a pleasure doing business with people who provide a quality meal and act like they appreciate your patronage, unlike some businesses in Washington. I’ll be back often!!!

Comment 3 :

I ordered online October 28, 2020. It is already bad enough that restaurants are allowed to split a wing into two pieces and charge for both pieces but when I order a 10 piece, I don’t expect to get 7 flats with 3 little drummers. I usually do not have anything to complain about with Zaxby’s, I love their chicken. It is just disappointing to feel slighted. I did however get some killer chips. The store on Allen Rd over-seasons their chips. The Carolina Ave. store in Washington seasoned their perfectly.

Comment 4 :

Food was good and the service was very quick. My order wasn’t how I wanted, but they were swamped on the drive thru so it was probably an honest mistake. Very friendly service and the cleanliness was superb.

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