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zooba restaurant new york 2024 Delicious Egyptian food

zooba restaurant nyc

zooba restaurant new york A branch of a Cairo-based chain offers Egyptian street food delicacies in a vibrant setting. I had dinner at Zooba and was delighted by both the food and decor.

The establishment was a mix of retro, foreign, hip, and felt like walking into the restaurant version of Wired magazine full-color prints. I enjoyed the food, especially the Fava Bean Hummus and Roasted eggplant. I attended an open buffet, got to try every single dish, and all were great!

zooba restaurant new york

  • Rating of 5 stars: 4.6
  • pricing: $
  • zooba restaurant new york phone number: 6465968090

Lamb panini with tahini spread was a light but filling sandwich. Ate half and had the second half later as a snack. The service was friendly and accommodating.

If you’re not familiar with the ingredients, ask the staff, and they’ll explain it to you. The seasoning they use are a blend it’s not just salt and pepper. This is a cultural experience for your taste buds!

The space has seating available. Several guests were taking time to enjoy the food and conversation. The ceiling lights were very artistic and added an energetic vibe.

The fast pace of New York is known, Zooba captured the energy but let’s you take a moment to step out of it and be an observer.

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zooba restaurant MENU NYC

zooba restaurant MENU USA

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zooba restaurant nyc

zooba restaurant

Really neat ambulance. We went at 11am and felt a bit ripped out of morning time due to the ceiling-mounted colorful led lights.

I believe this is a reference to the night life culture (not clubbing and drinking, just living in the night) of the Egyptian desert cities.

Very interesting ambiance I quite liked it! The food was great, particularly the Hawawshi. We also got fries, which had a lovely seasoning on them but were a bit too thick cut to achieve any kind of crunch, and the beef liver pita, which was really flavorful and juicy and delicious.

But the textures of the Hawawshi stole the show! Oh and the iced tea was delicious but very sweet, almost to the point of Sweet Tea from the South (Georgia & Alabama). Very fun to have a legit Egyptian street food spot here in Manhattan!

Eggplant falafel sandwich so goodd!! The falafel itself is the best in NYC out of all other places. The eggplant and the sauce is so creamy, and the vegetables inside are crisp and fresh.

The worker I ordered from (with piercings) was so nice too, I came in 5 minutes before closing but he still took my order and was really nice about it. If you want true authenic Egyptian street food you should 100% at least give this place a try.

This Egyptian spot in Nolita serves authentic street-food Egyptian sandwiches, salads, and dips. You’ll want to have a sit-down meal at Zooba.

Love this place for a quick hearty meal Recommended dishes Dukka Fries, Egyptian Falafel Salad, Baladi Bread, Pickled Lemon Sauce, Spicy Falafel, Cheese Hawawshi, Classic Taameya Sandwich, Street Hawawshi, Pickled Lemon

Amazing! Super great prices for New York and really delicious Egyptian food. The spicy hawawshi and mint limeade in particular are so good, and all of the sauces are great.

I really enjoy sitting here and working; they play great music and all of the decorations are really lovely


zooba restaurant new york city

Zooba is a must, and that’s coming from an Egyptian.

First of all, coming in you get a real downtown Cairo vibe with a trendy touch. Even the outdoor mural is special. To be honest, the whole design feels like a contemporary Egypt exhibition in a museum, which is pretty cool.

Now the food – amazing. What Zooba have done perfectly is to make Egyptian cuisine accessible and easy to understand for non-Egyptians, and with excellent quality.

Everything on the menu is recommended: falafels (made with fava beans – Egyptian way) are super as well as koshari which are both superb vegan dishes. For meat lovers, try hawawshi which is Egypt’s take on burger.

All complemented with the dukka fries (fries with mixed spices) and exceptional traditional egyptian drinks (I always go for lemon mint).

All in all, Zooba is an underrated top NYC spot which perfectly introduced the underrated Egyptian cuisine. The fact that the vegan selection is large adds up to its perks! Good job Zooba!

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