Checkers Restaurant Florida 2024 ( Prices + menu + location )

"Experience Quick and Tasty Dining at Checkers Restaurant, Florida"

Checkers Restaurant Florida Chain eatery serving fast-food classics like burgers, hot dogs, french fries & shakes.

Checkers Restaurant Florida

  • Rating of 5 stars: 3.8
  • pricing: $
  • Menu: click Here
  • Checkers Restaurant Florida phone number: +18632947686

Checkers Restaurant Florida

The food was super delicious they were super friendly and when I asked for a cup of ice water for my dog they gave it to me with a smile.

The food was fresh, hot and came out fast. Not sure I could ask for more. I appreciated they had a sign expect a bit of a wait due to short staffed. I felt it set the expectations before you ordered. Where other places don’t do this and you don’t always have time to wait hence why you go to a “fast food” place.

Checkers Restaurant Florida menu

Listen, this is THE BEST Checker’s ever. The service is spot on, efficient and friendly. The food is made fresh! The buns are so soft and taste fresh. The quality of all food items here are top notch. We’ve been to other Checker’s in our area and it’s horrible, but this one on Haven dale Blvd is amazing!!

Only one we go to. The prices are great and it’s always busy!! There’s usually a line! This proving…people go where the good food is! So good, I had a complicated and long order, but they got everything right on my sandwiches

. My sundae was so good and I loved the flavors on my French fry burger. I paid extra for the fries on it bc it taste even better with them. The drive thru was a little slow and the staff weren’t super friendly but weren’t rude either.

Very dissapointed. We love Checkers and this one is so close. First I sat behind another car in the drive thru for about eight minutes. They weren’t ordering but waiting for someone to take their order. I can only assume it wasn’t working. Then I walked up to the window.

The girl was nice but seemed to have trouble hearing. I order a Baconzilla double meat small combo. I got a triple meat Baconzilla medium combo. My daughter’s spicy chicken sandwich combo medium was fine. Only that the girl couldn’t tell me which drink was which. Sadly, I ended up with one pickle and a small amount of onion on my sandwich. It’s not supposed to have either.

I think it got mixed in with the lettuce on the station. So I not only got the wrong sandwich but paid more than I planned to for a sandwich I didn’t want.

Great service though they messed up on sandwiches wasn’t what i ordered got home called them talk to general manger lady was really nice and apologetic. Came back the next day and got sandwiches made right free of charge. Great service good food very happy

Very nice place to eat they give you lots of fries and have good deals for sandwiches and very nice if you live across the street or anywhere nearby their hours are also very open usually eating there at even midnight finally The food was awesome… I was not aware that Checkers was here in Florida, let alone open at 1 am. The fries were hot and fresh

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